Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three Things Thursday - PCRF Reaching for the Cure 5k Recap

1. Hyperbole and a Half is BACK!!!!! Man, that's exciting.

2. As Becka posted Tuesday, we are in week 2 of the #NotEatingAllTheThings Challenge.

While I was very busy the last several months NOT training for Eugene Marathon, I was also very busy eating everything I ever wanted.

The good news is, that according to the scale, I didn't gain much. Less than 5 lbs, I'd guess (I'm guessing because I don't really weigh myself frequently, I'm just going by the numbers I remember last, and where I was yesterday).

The bad news is, watching what you eat is NOT FUN, and it's especially NOT FUN when you're doing it in an effort to lose weight, and not just being weird.

I can't think of anything less exciting than posting what I eat daily, so instead of sharing all of that information with the internet machine, twitter, and instagram, B and I have been texting pictures to each other, to keep us in line.

It is as sad and lame as you'd expect. Here, I'll share some of that joy.

 photo null_zpsd02d9285.jpg

3. Reaching for the Cure 5k!

 photo null_zps54e7c569.jpg

This year, I made the smart call to drop down to the 5k, in the name of "Eugene Recovery". The forecast was for cool temps and cloudy skies, though, and I resisted this change until the very last second - really, I didn't switch my distance until Sunday morning at 6:45am.
 photo null_zps2bd48333.jpg

 photo null_zpsddb80001.jpg
I love the back of the bibs!! Look at all that info!

The half starts at 7am, and the 5k a bit after at 7:15.

Heeeeeey, speedy Pam!

Sheila and the kidlets joined us for the 5k, in their Team Gab shirts :D

Two water stations for the 5k! (Thanks, volunteers!)
Reach for a Cure, indeed!
left turn for the 5k.......
There's a quick out and back, then on to the river path towards the finish.

Oh, the river path. My nemesis.
Oh, hey, I'm almost done!

Not quite a PR day, but they look like they had fun, right?!

As part of the fundraising, the Doubletree Irvine hosts accomodations for the VIP runners who raise above $1,500. It's a great property, they have always been inredibly nice, and even though the race start is less than 4 miles from my front door, I love staying there the night before.

After I finished the 5k (in a not-speedy-but-surprising-time-for-easy-effort) in 32:14, I walked back to the hotel to pick up the kids, and then back down to the finish line to watch for Pam, Madison, and The H (remember last year, when he said he would never, ever run a half marathon again? Ha).

At our VIP pasta dinner Saturday night, the girls were gifted with matching training shirts. They have been part of my training with PCRF from day one, and I love that PCRF thought of them, too.

Heeeeeey, Pam!
Gabby's teacher ran the half! Hi, Mrs. A!
And I'm the worst human at spectating - Gab's teacher had to get my attention, and so did Madison - I was watching for both, but totally missed them. I'm lame.

The tiny yellow speedy person is M.
The H looks super smiley, but he told me he was bummed he didn't do better than last year.

To give this some perspective, last year, he trained fairly intensively, and finished in 2:02ish. This year, he took basically the last 3-4 weeks pretty much off, and finished in 2:03:41.

Shut up, you.
So, overall, I loved th 5k. It was SO MUCH FUN running easy, enjoying the course, and then getting to spectate for the half??? SO MUCH FUN.

I was a little sad when we got our medals....

 photo null_zps72eabc82.jpg

But then I got to go to the beer tent, so I guess it evens out.

 photo null_zps2be91d72.jpg
Add caption
And, like the last two years, Gab loooooved this bouncing thing.

Obviously, this race means a lot to us, and I will likely run it going forward.

In my unbiased opinion, it's a really well organized event, and the family expo afterwards cannot be beat. It is FREE to enter, the bouncy things are FREE, there were samples of Weinerschnitzel, Jamba Juice, Juice it Up, Pop Chips, and other stuff. Face painting. Petting zoos. Balloon animals. Tons of stuff.

There is a 5k run, 5k walk, 10k run, and the half marathon - all are really reasonably priced.

And, most most most importantly, the VIP Fundraising team this year raised almost $60,000 for pediatric cancer research - that's $200,000 over the last three years, since we started.

The event overall this year came in at almost $650,000 for pediatric cancer research.

Reaching for a cure, indeed.


  1. What? Not eat all the things? That explains the roasting of beets...I think. I really enjoyed the PCRF. I will likely do it again. You are very awesome for being so active in this effort!

  2. Spectating is so very difficult, I agree. It's hard to find your peeps. Maybe that's why I started running so I wouldn't have to find S at his races anymore.

    Oh wait, he doesn't finish races anymore.

  3. I hate not eating whatever I want, some foods are too good to try to ignore!

  4. You did get a lot of pictures! Congrats on your really fast 5k and your super cute medal.

    After this one, did the H say he never wants to run another?

    I hope to make it out for this some year.

    Congrats on all the money you raised!!!

  5. We had fun at the event too! My 11-year-old ran her first solo 5K, and the whole family had a blast at the expo afterward. Even my 4-year-old got to go on the trampoline and loved it!

  6. I was happy to see Hyperbole and a Half back too. That blog was wonderfully done.

    Your 5K weekend looks awesome! I'd be into the bouncy thing too.

  7. just say hell no to microwave meals. bleh! i still like the 5K medal! love that yall do this race and so much for it and will continue to-you've truly inspired so many people-how many of your locals you know would've done it had you not? :) yay!


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