Friday, May 3, 2013

Thank you.

First, I am still fundraising for PCRF, and any donations - large or small or enormous or tiny - are appreciated! You can donate HERE!

This weekend was supposed to be my third running of the PCRF Reaching for the Cure Half Marathon. Last year, thanks to Margot, I scored an 18 minute PR. That was fun.

I'm pretty sure I'm NOT running the half this weekend. I guess my hopes of being invincible did not come true, and I don't really want to risk actually injuring my right leg (as opposed to the annoying middling pain I'm currently experiencing).

I've toyed with running the 5K, and I might, just to do something, but in the end, I'm really excited to cheer on some friends, and have a fun day.

Because, this isn't a race I do for myself.

That puts the Team Gab total over the last 3 years at $12,680.

A friend of mine contacted me today, asking what would be a good thing to do for a friend that just had their kid diagnosed with cancer.

Those $12,680 will help STOP those kinds of emails.

It will help change a protocol that had my 5 year old taking 13 pills a night.
 photo null_zps267503a8.jpg
It will help to keep another kitchen cabinet from looking like this.
 photo null_zpsd990cb09.jpg

It will make another kids medical records stay under 4" high.
 photo null_zpsbac5cc6a.jpg

It will change the numbers that we are looking at, even in remission.
 photo null_zps179092c0.jpg

So many of you, in real life and the internet machine, have already donated, and I appreciate every penny that you have dedicated to this cause.

So that's it.

I want to say thank you, to each of you, for your support in my fundraising for the last 3 years.

Here's a cute picture to make your Friday happy.



  1. Yay for Team Gab! Sounds like a rest on your leg is a good idea. :)

  2. I have another $25 for you - my Grandma gave me a check for Team Gab - not sure where to turn it in ;)


  3. yay for team gab!! incredibly fundraising! btw-still waiting on my cousin to send me her address. getting her sister to check on it. thx for continuing to share your story.

  4. Wow - very impressive numbers for Team Gab! Nice job mama.n


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