Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I'm pretty out of sorts lately - aside from some quasi-injury, feeling grossly unprepared for a marathon in 24 days, and a variety of other minor things that would normally fly under my radar, I've not really said it, but... I worry. I worry a LOT about Gabby's future.

Hopefully this graphic is self-explanatory. This is why I support pediatric cancer research. Click HERE to donate.


{in less wordless words, I'm attempting a run tonight. I've spent the last few days closely attached to my foam roller, and things are feeling... good. Fingers crossed!}


  1. Sending you lots of virtual hugs , I deleted my first comment because I thought I spelled Gabby's name wrong :/ but I didn't I guess ;)

  2. That has to be very stressful. I appreciate that you share your troubles and triumphs. I'm so happy that Gabby is doing so well, but I completely understand your worries.

    Maybe one thing you can take comfort in is that science is always advancing and maybe those are the odds right now, but in a few years, such odds could improve dramatically.

    And in 30 years, well, maybe by then there will be a cure.

    Hugs to you and your family!

  3. I get this 100% x 3 of my kids. Not cancer, but similar worries. Big hugs.

    Hope that the run goes well!!

  4. I want to be in that green 22% piece of the pie....Gabby too. :)

    When I was first in remission, one of my doctors told me, "I want you to come back in five years complaining about your arm hurting. That means you're still alive and still have your arm."

    I guess that's the biggest thing to latch onto now that Gabby is done with treatment. Because of those drugs, she is still here and actually has a future. If complications arise later, you can deal with them as they come.

  5. Virtual hugs and positive thoughts to you and was good to see both of you on Monday night!

  6. i don't tihnk i knew about these stats. i thought they would've been better. hugs. and we will all continue to fight till there is a cure!


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