Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. My friend Pam is organizing a Tribute Run for Boston on Monday, April 22nd at 6pm in Long Beach.
#BostonStrongOC #BostonStrongLB

Run will start at the parking lot between Ocean & Bayshore. Unforunately, I have a kid commitment that evening, so I'll be doing my run separately (but if anyone in Irvine/OC wants to meet up Tuesday, let me know).

2. Hey, do you know what today is??? IT'S THE DAY BEFORE RAGNAR SOCAL!

So, I wasn't originally going to run Ragnar SoCal this year - I did Goofy weekend, and I'm doing Eugene and San Francisco in June, and I felt kind of crummy with all the travel and The H and kids being left home, so I felt like something had to be cut.

But then an opportunity popped up to run with Nuun, and since I LOVE Nuun, I happily took it!

I'll be in van 2, runner 9, and can't wait to run, sleep (ha), eat, repeat tomorrow. Whee!

You can follow along on the twitter machine with #teamnuun and #ragnarsocal.

And, you can use code "RagnarSoCal" for 20% off one Nuun order before May 31st.

3. Search terms that somehow led people to this place in the past few weeks:
  • "peed in the parking lot marathon" {wasn't me, but remember last year, there was a team during Ragnar that did!}
  • "baking soda and honey for hair" {true story, I once went 6 months with no shampoo, using baking soda and honey instead, and it was great. Running killed it, though, and now I use shampoo.}
  • "disney marathon roller coaster" {most fun EVER}
  • "philosophy about working out" {sweat more = eat more}
  • "why my foot hurts" {don't know, but sorry to hear}


  1. I hope Ragnar is the second must fun relay ever :D

  2. I agree with Becka ;)

  3. HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND! I hope you don't have to pee in a parking lot.

  4. Have fun this weekend!! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  5. looks like this weekend was a blast! can't wait for my first ragnar in september!


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