Friday, April 26, 2013

And I ran... I ran so far away.

1. Or just 5 miles. Whatever.

2. This is me, every day.
3. Look how cute we were in Van 2!! This is before our 2pm middle of the Corona desert leg, which made me SIGNIFICANTLY less cute immediately.

4. SO cute, AND SO FAST that we won first in our division (by we, I sincerely mean, the 11 fast people who dragged me along, because believe me when I say, we won DESPITE me).

5. I hear magic happens in Eugene.

I'm really going in unprepared, I think. My long runs have been pretty much non-existent:
April 13 - 20 miles (11:25 pace)
April 8 - 13 miles  (11:23 pace)
March 30 - 15 miles, but should have been 20 (11:25 pace)
March 17 - 15 miles, plus 4 miles earlier in the day (11:07)
March 3 - 18 miles (11:07 pace)

Okay, I guess when I type it out in a list, it doesn't actually look THAT awful. It's not ideal; at least I got some long stuff in. But, clearly I've gotten significantly slower (credited to running about half of the miles I should have run in training).

Ideally, it will be a glorious day, and the weather will be great, and we'll breeze in sub-5 and be happy.

Or, maybe beat my SFM time from last July (5:10:xx).

Or, not get swept and/or die (7 hour course limit).


I am REALLY excited for Eugene, even if I kind of blew off my goal race training plan because I'm lame. But I'm excited for the course, and I'm REALLY excited to see a bunch of my friends.

And the beer, of course. The beer.

Anyone want to take a guess at my Eugene time??

Maybe I'll toss out a free tube of Nuun to whoever comes the closest ;).

Have a good weekend!


  1. No pressure, but I totally think it will be a PR kind of day.

    Are you wearing your watch??

  2. Sub-5!
    Have a great time in Eugene!

  3. Nice! Congrats to the relay team!

    Eugene is on my bucket list. I also hear that great things tend to happen there. Best of luck to you! (I'm a glass-half-full kind of gal, so I'll go 4:45 on your time.)

  4. Hey I found you thru SkinnyRunner and have enjoyed reading your blog. Did you do a race recap of the goofy challenge? I'm thinking of doing that but.... It's a lot!!

  5. Just found your blog via Skinnyrunner. I love this post. Too funny. And our tag lines for our blogs are very very similar.


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