Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The rumors are true: There IS magic in Eugene

First things first - Becka and I finished in 5:17, which is 1. not a PR, but is 2. MUCH faster than 7 hours, and 3. exponentially better than being dead.

I feel like it COULD have been a PR kind of day, but I was kind of hurting, and... well, I just really enjoyed the course, and I'm glad I wasn't too distracted to keep yelling "OHMYGOSH THIS IS THE PRETTIEST PLACE EVER!".

There is always, always, always another race.

In hindsight, I will admit that I was a little sad when we let the PR dreams go, but considering the state of my entire right leg today (48 hours later), it was a good call, and probably one I should have made earlier in the race.

Anyway. Apparently I personalized my bib! I forgot all about doing this!

 photo null_zpsc6823b89.jpg

We met up with Alma and Kim Saturday afternoon (after a quick stop at Voodoo Donuts {x2} and Lululemon in Portland - which, btw, is a colorful city...). We had a lame dinner at Amici in Springfield, then headed over to Hop Valley Brewing to continue our carb loading festivities.

 photo null_zps6e91ed53.jpg

After morning arrangements were made, and parking tips provided, everyone headed off to separate rooms, and I think we were in bed by 10? Early birds!

We stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Springfield, about 10-15 minutes from the start line, and I can't reccommend this place enough - in addition to being adjacent to a brewery, they also provided a super late checkout (2:30!), so we could even come back and shower after the marathon. Sweet!

We left around 6am, for the 7am start, and found parking pretty easily - we got SUPER lucky that we got where we did, because by the time we got out of the car and back to the main street, it had been blocked off already. So, of note, getting there around 6:15 was okay, but close - and there was plenty of parking to choose from. The shuttles sounded like they might take forever, so I'm glad we made this choice. (that is, I was until we ran right by our car at mile 9.5, and thought, huh, wouldn't it be kind of nice to just stop here? And we were joking, but some people weren't....)

Ran into SR at the awesome bathroom lines....
Tip: There were lines lines lines lines lines like mad for the bathrooms. If you can hold it, do - there are TONS of bathrooms on the course. If you cannot wait, head to the very back - lines were WAY shorter. OR, if you're a risk taker, once the race started, there was zero line - the race is chip timed, so if you don't mind dodging a bit, that might be an option.

 photo null_zps5320f97b.jpg

The course is BEAUTIFUL. It never felt too crowded, and there was plenty of room to maneuver.

The first 9 miles run through some residential areas, and the crowd support is amazing.

 photo null_zps8cc63b34.jpg

 photo null_zps7a41ce5b.jpg
Dear H: It's so pretty here, I might just stay forever.
I took this picture on the giant hill at mile 8, because Gabby LOVES dinosaurs. Turns out, it's Kim's friend, Maureen! Happy coincdence!

 photo null_zps27c1fd22.jpg

At mile 11, you cross over the river, and head into a little section of trail, and then a residential area again.

 photo null_zpsb63e7404.jpg
Dear H: This is my new running path....

 photo null_zps8f058242.jpg

Miles 13-16 are through kind of a commercial area, and on a coned of section of the road - not my favorite, but it wasn't the worst ever.
 photo null_zps9c586e8e.jpg
it's true, there is!

 photo null_zps1eba567e.jpg

The thing that I was REALLY excited about, when I decided I wanted to do Eugene, were the miles on the Willamette River. It looked so, so pretty. And it was, which I yelled to Becka about 437 times.

 photo null_zps743630e6.jpg
Dear H: It's for real, I'm staying.

We found the Hash House Harriers around mile 22.6...

 photo null_zps59c0153d.jpg

You stay on the beautiful river path until mile 25, then you run through some funky industrialish not-pretty route, until you're suddenly back out in the street at mile 25.5. And, just when you're saying, "Maybe we can walk until mile 26....", you turn a corner, and like magic, your friends that ran the half are somehow RIGHT THERE ready to take your picture!

See? Magic. In Eugne.

 photo null_zps39d1ef07.jpg

Post race, there was the standard medical, photographer, food, etc., but we knew there were people waiting for lunch, so we headed out expeditiously. After some delicious food, B, L and I started the long, beautiful drive up to Portland, to complete the Voodoo Trifecta.

Did you know, there are three Voodoo locations - two in Portland, one in Eugene. We managed to hit all three in just over 24 hours. BEST CHALLENGE EVER.

 photo null_zps3d2002a5.jpg

 photo null_zps237e78bb.jpg

 photo null_zps0929f7d0.jpg

 photo null_zpsf09a189e.jpg

 photo null_zps6a581199.jpg

The end.

Eugene is a GREAT race, and I would totally do it again. Kim was a fantastic hostess, and even though I didn't love Pitch Perfect (sorry, ladies), I loved being there.

Excellent, excellent weekend.

Let's do it again, yes?


  1. Eugene really IS the best! I am surprised you managed to get back home.

  2. Congratulations on a great race. You are killing me with the VooDoo Donuts. I want to try them so bad!

  3. I saw Voodoo Doughnuts on the Travel Channel and I fell in love. I must go there.

  4. I really miss all the green trees and donuts.

    We should go back.

  5. Please come back really soon! There is a river in Portland and lots of races that run around it too, and much closer to the airport.

    You guys sure know how to get around a state in 24 hours. Thanks for being so much fun.

    And, I forgive you for not liking Pitch Perfect, but expect you to watch the sequel in 2015.

  6. You were the one with the "Awesome" bib?!! I totally remember seeing that and screaming out "Go Awesome" as you ran by. Do you mind if I steal (and credit) the photo you took of my little dinosaur dude and I? Love that you got that on course! Anyway, I love the Eugene marathon and I'm glad you had a great time there!

  7. man, I feel like a loser, ive never been to one voodoo.
    congrats on the race!

  8. First, I'm impressed that you can run and photograph. I'm pretty sure I'd fall. So glad you enjoyed the course, I loved the half too. The Pre trail is amazing! Congrats on another marathon!

  9. so fun! and still so bummed (many recaps later) that i missed out. ready for 2014? i also will need to find those doughnuts.asap.

  10. I vote for you to repeat .... so I can come cheer, or at least run the half and cheer you on when you finish the full!

    Stupid people getting married and having receptions the night before. Who does that?!?! Wait ... don't answer.

    Nice job - I'm glad you liked it here! Now why don't you ... MOVE! We could be one hour away and actually run together again!


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