Monday, April 1, 2013

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.

I ran some, but it hasn't been pretty.

4 easy miles Wednesday to test out some ankle funk that had been plaguing me. When that felt resolved, I did 8 tempo on Thursday, and it kicked my ass. Or my right quad/IT Band, which were feeling like I had just run a marathon all of Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.

Saturday, I set out to do 10 easy with the H at 5:30am, followed by 9-10 easy with PCRF.

In actuality, what happened was a 3 mile jog/walk/whine with the H, follwed by a break wherein he advised that if I didn't shut up with the whining, and just run, he was leaving me (rude), so I ran until we got close to the house. 6 miles total. Went home, taped up the achy spot on my right leg, stretched a little, rolled a little, and headed out to PCRF. 9 easy pace miles with them, and I quit for the day at 15.

Not quite the 20 I had on schedule, and, honestly, if I had been just ACHY or sore in general, I may have tried to push through (maybe). I thought it might just work itself out after some warming up. But since it was a localized pain, that got worse the more I ran, I quit. It sucks that I couldn't finish, but it is what it is.

Yesterday, I did a lot of icing, and stretching, and rolling, and today it feels a little better. Fingers crossed it resolves itself?

I also had 4 days of yoga worked in there, too, so I guess that's something... I mean. Not really something very helpful, like, if I want to RUN, I should do some cardio....
The last three weeks.......

The last 3 months. Not much of a marathon cycle.

Somehow, I committed to run a little something the week before Eugene, which (once upon a time) was supposed to be my goal race....

So... there's that.


A few people have emailed and asked how Gabby is doing, and.... well, she's doing great.

We had a small issue with her port last week, but it was resolved quickly at OPI, and now we're just waiting for her surgeon to reschedule the port removal.

We had a nice, quiet Easter at home.

Report cards came home last week, and her teacher summed Gabby up with, "Gabby is an absolute delight to have in the classroom. I appreciate her willingness to try new things and she always has a smile on her face while doing it."

Besides not running, we're kind of hunting for a new place - our lease is up in June, and we're looking for something bigger, which is a challenge if we want to stay in the same area. I originally chose our neighborhood because I loved the schools - they are all neighborhood schools, and walking distance (I don't think we even have busses in our district). #1 has a lot of opinions about what school she wants to go to, since she starts high school in the fall (HOW AM I OLD ENOUGH FOR THAT TO HAPPEN!?). #2, I think, would struggle in the middle school she's currently zoned for. So trying to find something in our price range (ie, cheap), in the zones we want, is complicated and time sucking.

Aaaaand my little brother is coming to visit this week, so I've been trying to find fun, interesting, not lame things for him to do. Turns out, I'm old and boring, and don't really do fun things. So it's required some serious internet scouring.

So.... that's our update. Aside from that stuff, I'm just..... I hate to use this word, because it's so cliche and dumb, but I can't think of another term that sounds quite right... I'm decompressing. I'm a little hesitant to yap about how great Gab is doing, and I'm trying to find a balance between letting go of some of the worry I held during treatment, but maintaining our vigelence. I know that sounds dramatic.

I kind of feel like I shared so much with Gabby's treatment, and I kind of want to keep this feeling of relief bottled up. I know it won't last forever, and I want to enjoy it while it's still here.


  1. I get to see you this month! Finally! Yeah for April...

  2. great job on your runs!

  3. I understand about not wanting to get too excited about the current situation, when you know how quickly something can be swept out from under you

  4. It will be so nice when Gabby's port removal is complete and you can hopefully let out a sigh of relief for all that will represent. I can't imagine that 2 years of vigilance while going through treatment will just dissolve overnight. It may take quite some time to fully let yourselves go.
    Really looking forward to seeing you ths month!

  5. good to see you getting some runs in. Dealing with any kind of injury issue is the worst. Good luck

  6. Some running is better than no running?


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