Friday, February 1, 2013

Team Gab Second Annual Virtual Race!!

Can you call something "annual" if it's in its second year?


I am SO excited for this year's virtual race, you guys.

I'm doing things a little differently than last year, and I hope the changes are good ones.

If you're new here, Gabby, the cute kidlet in that picture up there, is my 6 year old daughter. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I run for to raise funds for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, in hopes of a better treatment, better cure for kids in the future.

If you're in SoCal, I'd love to see you on May 4th for the Bike tour, or May 5th at the Reaching for the Cure Half Marathon, 10K, or 5K. I'd really, REALLY love to see you join the VIP training group and be part of the fundraising team - click HERE for info on the VIP program (or email me!).

You can click on the "Team Gab" tab up top to read more about her diagnosis, what her treatment has been like, and where we are now.

Team Gab Virtual Race Details!


Begins February 1-March 9.

You can run your Virtual Race any time, any where!
However, I will be running my race on March 9th, the date of Gabby's last chemo treatment, and I'd love for you to join me - virtually for my internet friends, and maybe for real, in person if you're local! - on March 9th to celebrate her end of treatment.

CLICK HERE for SoCal "Race" Details!

Events, Donations, and Giveaway Entries
STEP 1 - Click HERE to make your donation to PCRF.

5K = $10 donation = 1 entry
10K = $15 donation = 2 entries
Half Marathon = $25 donation = 5 entries
Marathon = $40 donation = 10 entries

Want to donate more than the above? That's awesome, and you rock. I'll throw in 5 extra entries if you donate beyond the amount of your registration. For example, say you want to run the 5k option, and donate $17 - you'll receive 1 entry for the 5k donation, and another 5 entries for the donation beyond the registration = total of 6 entries. 

After you've made your donation, please comment on this post, and if you'd really like to make things easier, tell me how many entries you qualified for (otherwise I'll have to match up donations to names) (which I will, but it'll be awesome if you just tell me).

Bib, Race Reports, and Pictures
A bib will be posted mid-February, for you to print at home, if you'd like.
Once your race has been run, email me (hmgiraffy @ the gmail) with a link to your race report, and note that I may use your pictures in a report round up :D

What do YOU get?
This year, in addition to warm and fuzzy feelings for donating to an excellent cause, you will also get a hand-drawn medal (designs courtesy of the 6 year old).

You'll also have a chance to win some excellent things from these generous sponsors. I only sought out donations from companies that I personally use and love.

Nuun has donated 2 gift packs (each containing a pint glass, a water bottle, and a 4-pack). Nuun is a lifesaver for me - I'm a salty sweater, and I drink this stuff like mad during marathon training.

A medal display hanger from Allied Medal. I have two of these (you can see one in action here) and they are GREAT. They'll also customize hangers, if you can't find what you need!)

1 pair of Magic Pants from Aspaeris. I wear these for long runs, and recovery, and I swear they are like a hug for you bottom. Magic.

A set of BIC Bands. BIC Bands is an amazing company - $1 from every sale is donated to charity. I love these bands - they tame my hair like no other, and they're the only band that stays put on my weird head.

TWO winners can select a pair of compression socks from PRO Compression. I LOVE PRO Compression - they're my favorite sock, and they have a fabulous selection of colors (I own the neon yellow, orange, baby blue, and black).
Race legs and a sparkle skirt from Team Sparkle. I wear my Team Sparkle gear in almost every race - most recently, you can see my red, black, and turquoise skirts in action during Goofy Challenge and Tink Half the following weekend. That's 52.6 miles of SPARKLE.

How the prize drawings will work:
Instead of the normal, boring weekly drawings, I'm hand picking a couple finalists in some specific categories (including, but not limited to, best dressed {duh}, funniest, most creative use of the word amok, the report Gabby points at, or whatever else I find interesting when I'm putting the reports together). Once the finalists are selected, I'll put their reports up for a vote. Make sure you submit your link to me by March 10th to be considered for the voting!

The remainder of the prizes will be selected via using the number of entries as calculated above. Race closes March 10th, and drawing will be done that week.

I hope that makes sense, if it doesn't, please ask, because honestly, it's been a long day and I may be confused :D.

Bottom line: Some winners selected by vote, some via random, if you're sending a report for voting consideration, do so by March 10th. Every participant will receive a medal designed and colored by Gabby. Please donate, if you can. 

As always, I truly, beyond words, appreciate your support of this cause.


  1. I'm in! Group assemblage coming soon.

  2. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo
    f r e a k i n g

  3. Woohoo! I'm in! I'm running the Pemberton Trail 50K in Fountain Hills, Arizona on February 9th.

  4. I'm in & will be running a half marathon in honor of your family that day!

  5. I'm in!!! Love this! love YOU guys!

  6. In for 13.1 on March 9th! I'll bring some "peace out, cancer, you suck" type of tasty treat with me.

  7. I'm in. Still deciding on distance. And which category should I enter?! Hmmmm....

  8. i'm totally in-but may have to bike my miles, if that's okay. still no go on the running but hope to have some miles in soon!

  9. donated $25 for the half - 5 entries <3 spreading the love for gab!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Put in $20 for the 10k so 7 entries.

    Also it took me like two days to figure out how to post a comment with my name and not have it show up as anonymous. I am so smart sometimes.

  12. Put
    26.2 !!

    Donated $50

    15 entries. ** :) **

  13. I'm in! I donated $20, apparently I don't read directions well. I'm going to do the 10K.

  14. put me down for... I guess a marathon. :D

  15. I donated $10 (1 entry) for the 5k. Hoping to do more soon. My mom battled Acute Myloid Leukemia for 2.5 years. I wish you and your family all the best. Sincerely, Melissa Sivigliao

  16. I donated $20 for the 10k = 7 entries. Thank you!

  17. I am in and can imagine how sweet it will feel to be done with treatment! I think I messed up but going for 10K donated $15. Looks like I may need to go back and donate another $5. Thinking of you!!

  18. Donated $25, would like to do the 10K option. 7 entries. :)

  19. I am running a 5 miler that day in Mass, but will run another bonus mile+.2 on my own, signed up for 10K, but donated $24.. 7 entries!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Very very in. I'll be joining y'all at the park, not sure what distance I need to run yet - but probably 13.1 based on where my training is now. :) Donated for 13.1 plus some (i think that = 10 entries?)

  22. Put me down for the 10K - $20 (7 entries). Go Gab!

  23. How could I not be in? The Gabster is the ultimate badass. I love me some badass!

  24. So, sooo happy for Gabby & your family!! Best news of 2013 thus far. :) :)

    K, I donated $40 (marathon) from the Sanchez family. :)

  25. I donated $20. I'm doing the 10k in The Stan. Will be thinking of you :)

  26. I'm down for 13.1 the first weekend in March :)

  27. I'm in again this year! Put me down for the marathon (which I'm doing as two half marathons if that's ok) and an extra $5 so I think that's a total of 15 entries.

  28. I donated $15 and am in for a 10K. Tomorrow. IF I wake up early. If not it's going to be the 9th. :)

  29. I would love to be there in real life, but I will have to do it virtually. :) I am running a 10k tomorrow (well, I am running 12 miles, with 8 at tempo and will count 6.2 as part of my 10k for Gabby!) and I donated $20, so I get 7 entries. Hugs to you all!!!!

  30. 7 Entries ($20)- Hubby is doing the Coaster Run 10k on Sunday and niece is doing the Camp Snoopy 1k on the same day.

    On a side note-my brother also had cancer when he was young (2yo), treated at City of Hope, had a wish granted by Make a Wish (Disneyland)and I'm very grateful to say - he's a 30 yo pain in my ass to this date. Wouldn't change a thing.

  31. I am slow to the game, but am in for the 5K. I donated $25, so 6 entries :)

  32. What an awesome opportunity! I'll do the 10k, but donated $20. 7 entries. :)

  33. Not sure what I will finish due to sickness & no running-hoping for a marathon on the bike- but I donated $50

  34. I just signed up for the marathon (not gonna run it all on saturday if thats ok) but dont include my donation in the entries. give the goods to someone else :)

  35. Please put me down for the 5k option. $20. 6 entries :)

  36. better late than never ;) so excited for gabbys last treatment... registered for the 5k (since thats more than what i really can even "run" right now)... added a few extra $$... 6 entries :)

  37. Donated $30 but will most likely only run a 5 or 10K or something in between.

  38. I just realized that I never told you my entries - I put $50 for the half. Can't wait! It's going to be sunny tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  39. Did the 10K and donated 20!

    7 entries for me! (I think...)


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