Wednesday, February 27, 2013


  • I ran last night, and I didn't die. I almost didn't even bother, and then, once I convinced myself I would, in fact, run, I almost passed on the speed work I was going to do (3x1600 gross). I thought FOR SURE my lazy January/semi-injured-ish February would have rendered me useless.

  • Turns out, I CAN still run semi-fastish (for me), and not die. It felt WEIRD, though, like my legs were not quite sure what was happening, and if they were going to be participating. Bizarre. Or totally normal for doing next to nothing for 2 months.

  • Seriously, NEXT TO NOTHING. January mileage was 85 - 53 of those miles were Disney miles, so they don't even count. I'm going to close out February with a sad, sad 71 miles. Lame, me.

  • Shameless plug: I normally avoid "VOTE FOR ME!" things, but I'm a sucker for Disney, so when I saw the contest asking for a Magical Memory, I just happened to have a TON of them tucked away from Gabby's Make a Wish trip last summer. So, if you have a minute and Facebook, if you could click here: Contest LINK, then like the app, and vote for this picture....

I'd appreciate it! :)

  • Wednesday morning PCRF cross training is BACK. Phew. Turns out, when I have people to meet, I do things. Unlike when I'm working out by myself. Then I do none of the things.

  • We met at 6am at a local high school, for some drills, and stairs, and core, and it was kind of fun, but kind of early, and cold, and tough after last night's repeats.

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  • I'll probably be back. I think I said all of these same things last February when the cross training class started then, too. Plus, the view this time is WAY better than that boring 24 Hour Fitness room....

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sometimes, I have to remind myself, I LIVE HERE THIS IS REAL LIFE.

  • The Team Gab (not) Virtual Race planning is going along swimmingly. I panicked a little the other day, because I'm not a party-thrower kind of person, but with some help from the internet machine, and very patient people, I was talked down from the ledge, and have a to do list that I can tackle. Give me things to do, I'm all over it. Give me ideas to implement, and I'll stare at you.

  • At least I got one item checked off my to-do list...
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  • If you're in SoCal, I'd love to see you on March 9th!! Check the link for details, and let me know!!


  1. Mmm jellybeans! Glad you had a good run, I will go vote for Gab's picture, so cute!

  2. voted! #21! and I posted on my wall! good luck!

    March 9....I will be in San Diego..running the half on that Sunday

  3. Why can't I find Gabby's photo on the contest page?

  4. Trying to vote for Gabby's picture but it looks like they are having problems with the site. :(


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