Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday, and had my neck adjusted. I thought I was GOING TO DIE, it hurt so much. But then, a few hours later, the hurt cleared up, and then it wasn't so bad. Yesterday, it was a little stiff - I can't look left or right very well, and no looking up at all, but at least I'm not in pain. Went back last night for some more adjusting and massaging, and was even able to sleep in bed last night.

Improving, but still no running. I'm having some doubts about Eugene being all magic and unicorns....


2. Have you signed up for the Team Gab Virtual Race yet?? Link HERE. Giveaways provided by Nuun, Aspaeris, PRO Compression, Allied Medal Hangers, and Team Sparkle - and, of course, you're helping a GREAT cause.

Not interested in running, biking, swimming, or general sweatiness, I'll still happily take your donation HERE :).

In addition to these great prizes, this year all participants (both in real life and virtually) will receive MEDALS. I know, that's exciting, right??

So, listen, I am NOT a crafty person. I don't even really like pinterest. But The H dutifully followed me around multiple craft stores last weekend while I wandered aimlessly hoping to find what I needed (made exponentially harder when you don't understand the context of the item and where to find it in the store), and then proceeded to buy all of this item I could find in the Irvine/Tustin area. Sorry if you're looking for this thing, I have them all on my dining room table.

But I think the medals will be the cutest ever, and I'm so excited to share them.

3. Something I can share RIGHT NOW? These amazing bibs, designed by Deidre at Oh Well Whatever.

Download link HERE. Cutest EVER, right?


  1. Those really ARE the cutest bibs!!

    I guess I should have mentioned that I ran that marathon last weekend and maybe that should be my race report for the virtual race?

    I hope your neck feels better soon.

    Eugene WILL be rainbow sparkly unicorn-y!

  2. sorry about the neck thing...hopefully it will be better by the weekend

    those bibs are really nice!

  3. those bibs really, really are the cutest!! :)

    hope your neck feels better soon Heather!! xo

  4. Youch! Neck pain SUCKS! I hope it gets better. I love your blog!


  5. Bib printing. Can't wait to wear on 3/9! Hoping for no rain.


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