Monday, February 11, 2013

You can't teach people to be lazy - either they have it, or they don't. (PFTW)

The Second Annual Team Gab Virtual Race, benefiting Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, is open! Details HERE.

Decide what distance to run (or bike, or swim, or walk, or whatever), make you DONATION HERE, and comment to let me know and be entered in the giveaway!


Last week:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 6 miles, with 10x40 @ 8:20. - I didn't die, and - brace yourself - it was NOT BAD.
Wednesday: 45 minutes of yoga and stretching.
Thursday: 5 miles - was scheduled for 6, but I ran before work, which is UNHEARD of for me, so I'm okay wth the 6.
Friday: 30 minutes foam rolling/tennis balling/stretching
Saturday: 15 minutes on the bike killing time, 16 mile run, with last 3 faster*
Sunday: Does a tv marathon count?

Total: 27 miles. Not quite what I had scheduled.

*The long run was GOOD. I felt really good for most of it - 11 of it on the treadmill watching Top Chef (GOOD BYE, JOSIE). Last 5 outside with The H. I struggled picking up the pace on the last three, and only really managed to hold a faster pace the last mile. Oh well.

Overall pace was 10:41 - that is FAST for a long run for me. 10:41 was my goal half marathon pace less than a year ago. If I had thought this through, I would have realized that with the last 3 being 30-45sec faster, I should just slow down the rest of them and, you know, take it easy. But it felt good, my heart rate was low, I had no trouble talking, so I was just cruising along.

My last 3 miles were 10:31, 10:38, and 9:43. Eh.


This week:
Monday: Yoga/Upper Body
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: Yoga/stretching
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: rest?
Saturday: 4 miles with PCRF!
Sunday: 12 easy

This week, I'm challenging myself to run before work. I do not like running before work. It's so early, and so cold, and so dark. I did it one day last week when I couldn't sleep, and... it wasn't AWFUL. The run was good. And I really liked having the evening open, instead of getting home from work and THEN running.

So, for this week, for two whole days, I'll wake up an hour earlier and hopefully get my running done in the morning.

It's just two days.... Right?


  1. 10:41 is a great pace for a long run. If you can maintain, that is like a 4:41 marathon... (my Greece marathon pace was 10:42...)

    Great job!

  2. I came across your blog recently, but since have been reading it and am really touched by your daughter's story. I will be participating in the virtual run.

    I'm not sure if this is nuts, but I have an awesome mix cd I'd like to send you. It's mostly live Lemonheads performances from talk shows and stuff like that, but they're exceptional. There is some live acoustic Dando and other stuff. They're all performances that I converted from youtube. Where could I send such a thing? I figure you can play the cd if you still have a cd player in your home or car, but you can just rip the songs to your computer and upload to Itunes.
    Thank you!

  3. 10x40 at 8:20? Impressive!

    I agree that's a great long run pace too. :)

  4. I hope you can do morning runs, they are the best! Sweet pace for a 16 miler! Are you coming to Eugene?


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