Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Patience is like bread I say, I ran out of that yesterday

·         I received a lovely comment from someone the other day, but when I wanted to reply to it, I got this dreaded "noreply-comment @". Womp, womp. So, commenter known as At Midnight on Cedar Street, please shoot me an email!

·         Related, here's a quick how-to on connecting your email address to Blogger comments. Obviously, you don't have to do this, but sometimes, I'd like to reply to a comment, and realize I don't have any way of connecting with you.

·         We met with Gabby's surgeon regarding removal of the port in her chest. Initially, I thought the port would stay in for awhile longer - even after her end of treatment, she'll be back at clinic every month to check her blood work, and the port is easy access. Granted, she still loses her mind every time it's accessed, but... But apparently, they want that thing O U T OUT fast. Huh. (Sorry in advance for the monthly blood draws from your arm, Gab).

·         Remember that terrible 14 miler I complained about last week? The one where I ran in a creepy nature preserve? Turns out, it is adjacent to an apartment complex in Irvine, where Christopher Dorner killed to people. On the same day that I was running there. Alone. Ughhhhhhh.

·         I ran before work again yesterday, and it wasn't awful. It wasn't great, either, but early things rarely are. But, I only managed to fit in 4 of my 6 miles, so.... it seems like cutting runs short is becoming a habit. That's probably not a good habit to start forming.

·         A kid sent me a message yesterday that she was making "anatomically correct" Valentine's cards. I wasn't sure which kid sent that message, so I was a little apprehensive...
·         H and I are contemplating sending the kids to FL for the summer again. All of the kids, this time, including Gabby. I kind of feel like a month is a REALLY long time for a 6 year old to be away from home, even if it's with grandparents. Why is parenting so complicated.

·         I tried to convince him that we should just go to Disney World again, but he seemed not super receptive to this idea.

·         Semi-related, we're tossing around vacation ideas, and can't come up with anything budget friendly that we both love. Sigh.

·         PCRF training starts Saturday, and the VIP Training Team is already at $1,000 raised! Have you donated to Team Gab yet?? You can, just click here.


  1. We can start a club for runners who keep cutting their runs short. My long run was cut short, and my run yesterday. If it's going to be a habit, I should start keeping better company.

    I suggest Texas for a vacation! Lots of good people in Texas!!

  2. They took my port out really soon after too. I was glad to be done with it. :)

  3. That is the best valentine card I've ever seen!
    As for kids, can't imagine missing my little guy for a month. When he is older, probably, but now...still my baby! Gabby is still your baby too!

  4. a month is a long time-maybe Gabby for just 2 weeks and the other 2 for the month? love that valentine :)


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