Monday, February 4, 2013

Come listen to my tale of woe. PFTW

The Second Annual Team Gab Virtual Race, benefiting Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, kicked off Friday! Details HERE.

Decide what distance to run (or bike, or swim, or walk, or whatever), make you DONATION HERE, and comment to let me know and be entered in the giveaway!


Last week:
Monday: Yoga - yoga for runners, hip opener sequence, and some foam rolling
Tuesday: Scheduled for 6 with 4 at tempo pace. I ran into some kid scheduling problems, and squeezed in 4 with 3 at tempo. It was really hard, at a pace that used to NOT be hard, but since I didn't think I'd be able to hit the right pace AT ALL, I was pleased enough.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Scheduled for 6 easy. Again with the kid issues, so only fit in 3 easy. Lame. And they sucked.
Friday: 30 minute strength yoga for lower body. This was NO JOKE.
Saturday: 5 mile moderate hike/jog with The H (see below)
Sunday: 14 "easy" (see below again), 30 minutes stretching/rolling

This week:
Monday: Yoga/stretching/something
Tuesday: 6 miles with 10x400
Wednesday: Rest/Cross training
Thursday: 6 easy
Friday: Cross training
Saturday: 3 easy
Sunday: 16 easy

I did fit in 2 cross training sessions last week, and that was nice. But I should be less lazy and just do some strength/upper body/core work. bah.

Running is just not really going well for me lately. Although the kid scheduling issues should be over (#1 was working on a project that is now complete), my work schedule has shifted and I just have a hard time running after work now, since I'm home pretty late. Unfortunately for me, I also have a hard time getting up in the morning, because it's early and cold.

And I know these are just lame excuses, and if it's important to me, I'll make it happen. But combined with the really SUCKY time I have while I'm running, it's hard to stay motivated. Maybe if every run wasn't terrible, I'd want to make time for it?



Hiking used to be one of my favorite things to do. It still is, but with running, training has kind of taken over my weekends - if I'm not running long, I'm recovering, or resting.

BUT, this weekend, I decided, since running sucks anyway, to hike and suffer the consequences later (I'm sure this is completely unrelated to the terrible 14 miles the next day...).

On Saturday, we went to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, about 10 minutes down the road from us.

We usually would hike the Laurel Canyon/Willow Canyon loop (I blogged this loop HERE), but we were late getting out, and the weather was perfect, so that lot was full. We ended up doing a loop from the Nix Nature Center, out Little Sycamore to Serrano Ridge, down Camarillo, and back on Stagecoach South. It was not too hard - only a few steep sections, but mostly rollers, and the ridge was nice (I'm a sucker for a ridge).

It certainly wasn't my favorite route (that's still El Moro and Crystal Cove), but it was nice enough, and a little challenging, and so close to my house.

The cool thing is, these trails all connect to my favorite trails, so if I were more ambitious (or less of a chicken), I could, in fact, do a long trail run RIGHT FROM MY HOUSE.

I should be less chicken.

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WHAT IS THIS????? Looks ominous!

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Good to know...
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On Sunday, I was having an epic meltdown over the sun being in the sky (WHY), and the treadmills being used by people walking leisurely watching TV for well over the allowed 30 minutes, so I decided to head to San Juaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.

The trails are nice and flat, and there are a lot of shady areas (mostly in the northwest corner of the park). It's not a huge area, but there are a billion smallish loops. I was hoping that some mindless running and looping would just confuse my brain, but... it didn't work. It was a pretty miserable run, despite the pretty surroundings.

Pros to running here: Pretty, the trails are well groomed and easy on the legs, and not a ton of people. There's a variety of things to look at - water, ponds, wetlands, marsh, "woods".

Cons: A lot of it is exposed, and, especially in the wooded areas, it's a little creepy. I turned off my iPod in those areas.

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Becka said...

It certainly LOOKS pretty. Not sure why your brain broke :(

Anonymous said...

Sometimes even pretty scenery isn't enough to compensate for blah-running. Especially when it's unshaded (I've found that I only really like trail running when there is at least some shaded portions.) Sounds like you need to have a true rest day soon!

Anonymous said...

You DO need to be less of a chicken, those are some nice trails close to your house. Side note, I hate when I nice trail doesn't provide enough shade. That sun is HOT, I don't want to be in it at all.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I love that your training sucks too. However, you suck and run 14 miles in one day. I suck and run 14 miles in a week. Think about it, stud.

Alene Gone Bad said...

Rest is underrated. Doing long runs every week is overrated. You've done a lot, not just running-wise but in life in general, you probably don't realize how much you rely on running to keep you sane in the head while it can still take a toll on your body. I think you need a little break AND are being too hard on yourself, Miss Awesome.

Just my $.02

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

You should be less chicken! Those look like some really pretty places to run. Sorry your running isn't going so great right now, I hope that changes for you soon.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I have to work up the courage to try a trail run someday. The scenery there is just beautiful and would probably serve as a major distraction for me! You have a lot on your plate so I think you are doing quite well with your running.

Average Woman Runner said...

Those trails look awesome but glad you turned the music off. Looking forward to my Team Gab RACE on 3/9!!!!!!!!!!


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