Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I tried lunch running for the first time yesterday, and... it wasn't terrible. It was a decent run, but I'm the sweatiest human ever, so that was kind of weird. I did have baby wipes in my desk, but there's only so much they can do. But, since I'm super close to the Santa Ana River Trail, I should really take advantage of it. I think, if it's cold, or if there's ZERO sun, it might be a decent option for some easy mid-day miles?

The other awkwardness about this lunch situation, is the changing options. I *could* close and lock my office door, but is it weird to be changing in your office? I thought so. The bathrooms are shared for each floor, so there's that, but a billion people. I don't know if there's a good option.

Or I'm overthinking it.

2. I was going to play the "Guess My Marathon Time!" game, but based on the weather forecast, I suppose I'll be lucky not to drown?

3. I did kind of have some goals, but honestly, I'm not goin to kill myself over them. This isn't turning out to be (weather-wise) the right race to chase them down. So, I plan to run, have fun with Becka, and enjoy my Santa Hat Devil Horns. At least we'll be festive. No time goals.


  1. Man. This is going to be the most water ever.

  2. Not at all weird to lock your office door and change! I say DO IT and don't look back...I mean, come on, you're changing so you can workout over LUNCH! lunch time workouts = earning the right to change in office in my book.

    And as far as the sweaty...I keep some of those body wipes handy and give a little cleanse to the sweatiest areas for me (neck and arms), swab on a little deodorant and spray on some body spray and I feel like a new person ready to go for the rest of the day. :-)

  3. Nooo!!! Keep your goals! If you find something happens during the race, then you can adjust. But going into it with a defeated attitude, you might as well stay home, right? I know you've got it in you to kick butt in the rain. :)

    I doubt it will be as bad as the Liquid Armageddon you have built up in your head.

  4. I change in the bathroom but i have work-mates that just drapte a blanket over the cubicle entrance and change.

    I go in the bathroom with a wet washcloth and wipe down the important parts and lather on deoderant and some body spray. All is good!

  5. I hate rain. Good luck this weekend! Yuck.

  6. I've had the same thoughts on lunch running. It seems like it should be a good idea, but I don't want to feel all salty and then put on work clothes again. And then the whole changing issue.

    I'm laughing at your rain worry --- at least the temperature is still relatively warm! I mean it could be worse. I hope you get lucky and it stays dry!

  7. I'm so sorry the weather is not cooperating! (It threatened to rain in Santa Barbara but that was only a 30% chance and we got lucky). I hope you surprise yourself with how well it goes in spite of the rain.

  8. I seriously thought about playing the "guess my time" game, too, with a self-hosted giveaway. But then I got broke...

  9. i’m so bummed about the weather-for all of you running. that sucks. hmm. i say, change in the bathroom-i’ve changed in stalls-it can be cramped but not too bad.

  10. ugh, that weather forecast sucks. Maybe you can try and outrun the rain, and you'll make your goal anyway! Good luck : )

  11. I change in the bathroom at work all the time. I think it's fine.

    Hoping the weather turns out better than it looks. Good luck.

  12. I always alternated between the bathroom and my office for some reason! Office was more comfortable for sure. My door had a deadbolt on it so I just made sure to lock it, that way if someone unlocked the door handle, the deadbolt would still be locked!!


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