Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS IT'S NOVEMBER ALREADY. How did that even happen!??!
I'm closing out October with 129 miles, my third highest ever. And then yesterday, I wore my San Francisco Marathon race shirt and medal, called it a costume, and ate cupcakes for lunch, and called it "carb loading".  Best decision ever.

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2. Halloween
#2 dressed up as some weirdo commercial version of Alice in Wonderland, that I didn't like, but she was super in love with, and then we got 25% off because the sales person thought the package was missing gloves, so I caved. Ugh.
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Gabby was Merida from Brave. She was also the cutest thing EVER IN THE UNIVERSE.
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This is how Brave people stand. Did you know?

Kid #1 was too good to dress up for me, and I have no pictures. I promise she exists.

3. NYCM and The Drama.
So the marathon is giong on as planned this weekend, despite the damage caused by Sandy. Since I'm not running, I'm pretty neutral on this decision - I've got zero invested, so it makes no difference to me either way.

On one hand - I don't think it's the worst thing ever that they are moving right along with the prep and holding the race. NYCM brings in a buttload of money for the city. Money is always needed for disaster recovery. Second, NYC'ers seem to perpetuate this sentiment that they're super tough and the show must go on (seem to, this is my opinion, not based on fact, etcetcetc). Third, they have a financial obligation to the runners. It would be irresponsible to divert those funds or use them in any way other than holding this race. Finally, I'm not there. I don't know what the actual FOR REAL, not on tv or print, situation is. If NYRR and the Mayor feel like the city can handle the race, the course is clear enough, they have the manpower to make it happen, then that's their call to make - because I'm NOT THERE.

On the other hand - I think it should just be canceled this year. It's just a race. It's not the end of the world. Even if the course is clear enough to run, and they have enough volunteers without interrupting actual city business, I don't know - based on what news I've read - that the infrastructure is there to properly handle the influx of people this race brings in. The city relies so heavily on public transit, and it's just not functioning. That shouldn't be overlooked.

Honestly, if I were running, I'd defer. As Skinny Runner said in her recaps, NYCM is an experience, and this is just not the experience that I'd want. If I had tickets/hotel and it was non-refundable, I'd probably go, and volunteer somewhere. I wouldn't be running. Not because I'm a super-compassionate person, but because I'd run for that experience, and running for me is super mental, and I just wouldn't be able to enjoy it. If I don't enjoy it, I won't bother. But I wouldn't really call people who choose to run selfish or anything. Whatevs.

Also, I grew up on the gulf coast, I'm not a stranger to watching hurricane coverage. This was no Katrina. People comparing this to Katrina are being overly dramatic and honestly, it minimizes that event. Cut that out.

Apparently I felt more strongly about this than I realized. Anyway.


  1. I sorta feel the same way. I am not registered for it, so on one hand I think, it COULD go on. But... I've seen the damage to the public transit, and it seems like it would be super complicated to be getting around town. I'll still stalk people if it happens, and if I *were* registered, I'd probably go since all my crap is always non-refundable.

    But. Doesn't really apply to me I guess.

    Anyway, hope all the people in NYC get back on their feet and the race doesn't hinder any recovery.

  2. I wore my SF Half Marathon shirt to work yesterday too! Only because it's orange! Ha! Your shirt is way better looking, I think a cupcake eating runner is the perfect costume.

    I'm just sad about NYC (and NJ). I'm glad I don't have to navigate around the mess that is NYC. It would be so stressful. I like my logistics easy.

  3. I agree with you. I just could not do it. I feel for everyone who has worked so hard for it but I can't get behind this with the looting, the deaths, the lack of power, lack of transportation it's only 6 days after not 6 weeks later like 9/11. Yeah it brings money in but it's also a logistical nightmare esp for the police and medical help.

  4. I love the idea of people going there and volunteering instead.

    I agree that, if the mayor thinks it can happen, well, he knows better than you or I, right?

  5. I was wishy washy until I started to read the comments on NYRR FB page. It's not pretty um at all. My heart really does break for everyone in this situation.

  6. I love how you wore your race shirt and carb loaded! I am also neutral about NYCM but I feel very bad for all of the people who were affected. On the other hand is also tough on the runners who have trained, invested money and have plans to be there.

  7. A race is a race. I don't like the idea that under all this duress the city feels that it needs to go ahead and hold the event anyway, I would think the lack of public transportation would be a major issue with all those people. But if they feel it is important to go ahead with the event and it gives a sense of normalcy, or something, then go ahead with it. I can't say because I don't live there.
    If I were registered I'd probably skip this year too.

    Good for you dressing up for Halloween and eating cupcakes. And good job on the 800s.

    Gabby- very brave. And very cute.

  8. I didn't dress up this year - lame.
    As for NYCM, I have two friends here who are cancelling, deferring until next year. I feel bad about all the training they've put in but it really won't be the same this year at all. You would think NYRR would be concerned about liability of caring for all those runners with limited resources.

  9. thanks for the mention, heather.

    its a sad, difficult situation all around for the city, for NJ, for everyone.

    for me, i feel like its really disheartening to read so much negativity by people on the race's fb page and other sites. its like, how are you helping the situation by being so hateful?

    like you said, volunteer, donate, DO SOMETHING POSITIVE whatever that is for you.

  10. um, totally love your costume. best idea ever!

  11. Oh my word, that Meridia costume is amazing! She looks fabulous. :)

  12. I support #2 and her costume decision!!

  13. Oh, and I support yours, too!!

    Last year I went as a horrible faux pas runner, and it was awesome. I mean who doesn't want to just go to work in a sports bra, running skirt and comfy Adidas? It's the only time I could get away with it so I went for it. You, however, did it better ... cupcakes? Genius!!!!

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