Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Treadmill Musings
I have rediscovered how much I LOVE FRIENDS. Not, like, the people that are my friends (the people are great, too, but that's just not what I meant), the SHOW. It's hysterical, and it makes time on the treadmill fly by. I also LOVE Jeff Lewis. I want to be his bff.

Things I do NOT like: RHONJ (any of the other franchises are fine), anything Guy Fieri, Paula Deen (her voice makes me cringe, even watching the captions, I can hear it), or Rachael Ray.

I sometimes count kills in the gym - the number of people who come and go while I'm running. Last night's count was 7. BAM.

I keep waiting for the new season of Top Chef to be aired at a time that's convenient for me to be running, but so far it has eluded me. Rude, Bravo. RUDE. {wait, I'm a liar - looks like Sunday at 8am I'll be doing my long run on the treadmill, thanks Bravo!}

2. Holiday's are SNEAKY
Did you realize Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK AWAY? Why is it so soon?? I don't know if I'm prepared for this! That also means that Christmas is... soon-ish. This ocurred to me yesterday when I saw someone with a Christmas tree up. A Christmas tree. It's not even Thanksgiving, you guys, why are you rushing?!

3. Sad face
Normally, a kid presenting with a low grade fever (99.x) and being kind of sleepy just gets some extra rest, and doesn't really concern me. I almost PANICKED last night because Gab has a low fever (really, really low, like, I'm probably being crazy, because 99.1 is NOT much of a fever). NORMALLY, a fever won't really concern me unless they're high, or something else is afoot. But Gabby is a Special Snowflake, and with the port in her chest (ew), she needs to go straight to the hospital for admission for 48 hours, do not pass go, certainly do not collect $200. Annnnnd, now it's a little higher (99.9 is high in my world), so I'm panicky again.

Oh, leukemia. I am not a fan.


  1. Have you seen RH of Miami? I tried to like it. I do like RHONY though, very much.

    #3--Dang. I hope this fever passes quickly.

  2. I was going to ask what RHONJ was but then I very cleverly figured out what it was after reading Kim's comment. She is the smartest.

    I also love FRIENDS. Best show ever, well, at least until the last season.

    Gabs :(

  3. Poor Gab. Is she home with you or in the hospital? I hope she's all better before the holidays. Leukemia sucks.

  4. 1. Friends NEVER gets old.

    2. I put my tree up on Monday while I was off work for Veteran's Day. I figured I'd better do it on a day when I actually had TIME since that's such a rare thing these days. If I didn't do it then, it would likely be like it was last year--We put up our tree on Dec 20th last year!

  5. Damnit, hit submit too soon.

    3. Sending Gabby my love! I hope she shakes whatever is causing the fever before the holidays get here! I know hospitals are no fun EVER, but I would imagine they would suck even more on Thanksgiving. :(

  6. Hahaha... kills at the gym!! Freakin' LOVE it!

  7. bahaha, must try out the kills count next time at the gym!

  8. I do like you at the gym...I count the people who get off...sometimes I stay longer just to outlast a younger person... any motivation is good right..

    I hope Gaby is doing better...this sucks..I am sorry

  9. Lot's of hugs.

    and I do pay attention to the other runners at the gym esp the guy who couldn't get up with girl friend on the treadmill the other day.. lol

  10. I hope Gabby feels better. Tell her my dog still wants a play date.

  11. i totally do the same thing at the gym. i’m always curious why someone would run for all of 5 minutes. what good did that do?? poor G. i hope she is okay. also, agree on the tree thing. although, i will be purchasing mine at the beginning of december.

  12. Hope Gabby is ok. And I concur, Leukemia and all cancer sucks.

  13. I agree about Jeff Lewis! I almost cried two nights ago watching it and his poor cat. Ugh, I can't even think about it.

    Did Taylor get MORE crap put in her mouth? I swear she seems on something and extra platypus like this season. And I can't believe Kim is clean. I just don't buy it. I'm ready for more OC action. That season ended with such a blow-out!


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