Monday, November 26, 2012

t-6 days, and i'm drowning in snot

First, I'm sure you've all read about what happened to fellow blogger Elizabeth over the holiday weekend. Click HERE to read her story. The most shocking thing I've seen, is in the comments. The number of people who said they have also been attacked BY THIS SAME MAN is unbelievable.

She has listed excellent tips on how to stay safe while out running, some of which I shared with #1 when she went out for a walk over the weekend. I live in what has been consistently rated the safest large city in the US, and honestly, reading our crime blotter is hysterical - things like, car left unlocked, laptop removed; police called to scene where kids were loitering. We're very, very safe. And I try to be careful, but her list was an excellent reminder of how to stay safe - and I'm guilty of more than one of those things.

Alene at Journey to Badwater summed up my feelings exactly HERE. What a shitty, shitty piece of human that dude is.


So, I know I said Saturday that I was heading out for 4 miles. I lied. I've been fighting some funk for a few days, and the longer I sat around waiting to feel better on Saturday, the worse I felt.

I figured the 11 for Sunday were more important than the 4, so I called it "resting", and thought for sure I'd feel better Sunday.

Sunday comes, and now in addition to all the snot and foggy headedness, I have a sore throat and cough. That's awesome. I sat around and moped and guzzled tea for hours, to no avail.

I felt crappy, but decided to head out for 20 minutes, and I would re-evaluate then. Maybe it would cure me.

20 minutes, I felt awful. My body feels fine, my legs feel great, but I feel AWFUL. I try to give it another 10 minutes, and still awful. But I can't possibly leave a run with a decimal point in my mileage, so I slogged through until I hit 3 miles, and called it a day.

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Way to close out CIM training with a bang.


Some fellow Ragnar Ambassadors are hosting an info session at Road Runner Sports in Costa Mesa tonight at 6pm - I'm hoping to make it, but it will totally depend on the status of my sickness. Message me if you have any questions, or need directions!

Last week:
Tuesday: 6 miles, easy pace. Headed out IN THE DARK with a friend for 4.3 easy, finished 1.7 fast. Not what was scheduled, but it was fun.
Thursday: 6 miles easy with The H.
Sunday: 3 super lame miles

This week:
Today: I rest, and drink more tea, and cross my fingers that I'm magically healed ASAP.
Tuesday: 5 miles, some speed work
Wednesday: Yoga (FOR REAL)
Thursday: 5 miles easy
Friday: pack?
Saturday: Becka!
Sunday: 26.2


  1. Sorry you're drowning in snot. You might need a buoy for your nose. Or maybe some suction bulbs, you could always toss them at the aid station trash cans. I hope you feel good with no more snot by marathon day! Run snot-free!

  2. Drowning in snot is the worst. I mean I'd rather have just a cough or fever, but once you add snot it just changes everything. Ugh. Make that go away!!

    I just read that post about the guy - that is freaking scary! I've had a couple moments of panic during runs before, but fortunately nothing came of it. Great tips she shared for sure!!

  3. finally catching up on blogs. thank you for sharing! can’t believe your city is that safe. highly jealous :) i should send you the crime report for atlanta-you would die! hope you are feeling better!

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