Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I Ate This Week

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It's looking a lot like taper....

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and didn't pick any fights while Black Friday shopping.

We had a pretty low key day, cooking at the Snork's house, and observing their potty training attempts.

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the answer is CHAOS. It looks like CHAOS.
We cooked too much food, too many carbs, and had a delightful time. Since we don't have family around, I'm grateful we have good friends to share holiday's with.

I'm also grateful to have a very, very patient H who slummed his long run with me. Curse his natural speediness.

6 easy paced miles through our neighborhood. It almost looks fall-like.
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I complain about my lack of speed a LOT (I know), but it isn't lost on me that my easy pace on yesterday's taper run, is 6 minutes faster than my 10K PR from just a year ago, and 2 minutes slower than my "I might die" PR from earlier this year. I need to be less whiney.

Friday, we headed to a local outlet mall, where I obsessed a little bit over this dress...
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Dolce and Gabbana. $1500, AND 40% off. COME ON.
I don't know why The H wouldn't let me buy it. He's always thwarting me.

Afterwards, I forced delicious cupcakes on my children. We picked up three different flavors, and I stole pieces of each of them. FOR RESEARCH.
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We came home with dark chocolate, espresso, and pumpkin from Casey's Cupcakes.

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Pumpkin, with pumpkin maple filling and maple vanilla buttercream.

Heading out for 4 easy today, followed by 11 tomorrow for my last long run before CIM. That kind of popped up on me.... Hope the weather clears up...


I don't do really well in cold rain.


  1. Such a great mom to sample those cupcakes. Those Oreos look yum! I am a fan of mint and chocolate together.

  2. I'm hitting my last long run today too (but I'm going 8).

  3. I bet he just stopped you from buying that D&G because he already has it for you for Christmas. ;)

  4. I'm so stuffed it's ridiculous...and still potty training. Looking forward to CIM!

  5. Man I love it! That cupcake look amazing!

  6. Hope the Thanksgiving weekend was fun for your kids too. By next Thanksgiving you'll be flying through your runs, and there will be more cupcakes to eat. Happy post-Thanksgiving Monday.

  7. Just as I finished this post my stomach let out the loudest growl. Thanks a lot!

  8. pumpkin is the best! no D&G dress, no kate spade shoes. very sad. very sad.


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