Monday, November 19, 2012

Most wonderful time of the year. By that, I mean taper.

First things first - thank you all for the really nice emails and comments about Gabby last week. Turns out, all of my hand-wringing was for naught - her fever never went above 99.x, so we didn't have to take her into the hospital. She was feeling better throughout Thursday, and made it to school Friday for her Thanksgiving Feast.

That's another bullet dodged, and man, are we so lucky.


I really sucked at the cross training this week. I also sucked at even getting in all of my miles. I swear there was a good story/reason behind me pushing my schedule back, but I can't really remember the excuse I made up when I did it. LAME.

Anyway... last week:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Yoga, just 30 min restorative.
Wednesday: Hill repeats!, 10x90 sec uphill, total of 7 miles
Thursday: Dinner with Madison, that I haven't recapped yet, because I'm lazy.
Friday: skipped a run*
Saturday: 7 miles tempo!!**
Sunday: 14 easy ***

*Skipped because I'm a. lazy and b. have terrible ideas of time management. Lame.
**THIS WAS FREAKING GLORIOUS. Scheduled for 8 miles, with 2 easy, 4 at tempo (10:15), and 2 cool down. The H was going to run 7, and my tempo is his long run easy pace, so we ran together. Actual paces: 10:07, 9:55, 9:54, 9:26. WHAT. And, I could TALK. I mean, not tons, but I think we were still conversing. And then we stopped at 7, and walked a mile back home.
***On the treadmill, catching up with Top Chef. Man, there are a LOT of annoying people on TV. Holy crow. 7 treadmill kills.

Total: 28 miles, 1 cross training (I'm not counting some walking I did here, but am counting it for Pile on the Miles).

This week, I pinky promise:
Monday: Cross training {I think I'll do Bob Harper, and maybe yoga}
Tuesday: 6 miles easy
Wednesday: Cross training {more Bob Harper}
Thursday: 6 miles marathon pace {this is not terrifying, because my goal marathon pace for CIM is slow and easy, HA}
Friday: Cross training {Bob Harper, I'm lookin' at you} {unless I'm too busy shopping, and I'll totally call Black Friday shopping cross training}
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: 11 miles

Total: 27

Two pictures, lest I post a wall of text with no photos.

1. Gabby borrowed my phone in the car...
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

2. "It's a kettleball!" Thanks, Bob Harper. THANKS.
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App


  1. I had to read that one sentence a few time. I thought you were saying that a. you were a b*tch. Sorry, I'm easily confused.

    Glad Gabby is ok and you got to run with the husband. I find it enjoyable, sometimes, too.

  2. Gabby is SO stinking cute. Love the pics. And I am so glad that she is doing ok and that the fever didn't turn out to be anything serious. I know how it feels to be the mom with the thermometer freaking out over a lowgrade because your kid's health is a whole lot more fragile than other kids'. Enjoy the taper!! :)

  3. Fevers are scary! Glad it was a false alarm.

  4. i think you are totally cheating on the hubs with bob harper :)

  5. Gabby is really good with those iPhone self photos. I could not make half of those cool faces. LOL on the etch-a-sketch kettle-bell, too funny!

  6. funny pictures!
    I am glad she is OK...
    that kettle-bell sketch it funny..I would have gone with a phone...! :)

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  8. Your children provide so much amusement for me! You seriously have to bring them all to Vegas!


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