Monday, July 18, 2011

Plan for the Week

So, on Saturday, I met up with three of my favorite bloggers - OUaL, The Faster Bunny, and Fat Girl/Skinny Body - at the Irvine Farmers Market. You'd think, you know, as a blogger, I'd... I don't know... take a freaking picture or something. Blogger fail.

Last week, I hit everything I had planned...

Monday - Suck Less, 167 push ups, 255 sit ups, 110 tricep dips

Tuesday - sucktastic morning "tempo" run. Goal was 4 miles at 10:40. Actual was 4 miles at 11:43. Fail.

Wednesday - Suck Less, 185 push ups, 289 sit ups, 130 dips, 3:30 plank

Thursday - Scheduled for 4 miles at 10k Pace. Goal: 10:28. Actual: 10:18. Splits: 10:48, 10:26, 10:23, 9:37. Stellar.

Friday - Suck Less, 200 push ups, 317 sit ups, 155 tricep dips. No plank

Sunday - Long slow run. Run Less, Run Faster pace 12:28. Actual - 12:18.

I don't know what happened after my 7 miles Sunday, but I felt "off" the entire rest of the day. Tired, blah, slightly pukey, and - this is really what concerned me - not famished. Hm.

Anyway.... on tap for this week...
Monday - Suck Less
Tuesday - 4x800, with 200 RI, 4 miles total (yikes... this one makes me nervous)
Wednesday - Suck Less
Thursday - 4 miles 10K pace <- this one is gonna be tricky. I have invited people over for dinner.... Why do I do that to myself?!
Friday - Suck Less
Saturday - 10K! Because what else do you do for your birthday? Race. Duh.

Anyone else in OC running City of Cypress 10K/5K this weekend? I know that Canadian is... and possibly Ms. Chacha? (and, PS, check out the "Come Run With Me!" tab up top to see my full race lineup!)

Have a great Monday!


  1. Great workouts this week! I hate it when I pass on a picture opportunity. Do it all the time. : ) Good luck on your race! May a cool breeze come your way as you run it!

  2. A 3:30 plank is pretty much AMAZING. As was the rest of your week, wow you do a LOT of pushups!

  3. I always hate myself for not taking pictures when I do something blog related. Sometimes I just don't wanna take my camera out! haha

    Looks like you have a good plan! Work it girl!

    I was going to sign up for that race but the stupid carmageddon thing pushed our trip from this past weekend to next. We should've just went...heard the freeways were a dream!

  4. great week! doesn't it always feel great when you hit every workout you planned? i think you are going to kill those 800's this week :) :) :)

    i did my long run for last week yesterday {sunday} also and i felt the opposite of you! i definitely was run-gry the rest of the day and ate my way through the state fair. but today i'm feeling "off" so i skipped my regular morning workout and hope to squeeze something in later if i feel better :/

  5. I think you are totally rocking this training overall! I'm so jealous. I have NO motivation to do anything when it gets hot. We have rain today, so I think I'll try for 5 miles ... then I shall slack and do one more run before my half on Sunday.

    Let's rock the heck out of this weekend's races, mmmkay? Great!

  6. How on earth do you do 200 pushups? I can do 30, real "man pushups" in a row and then my arms are quivering jello. They are pretty buff jello, but still jello. I can't even imagine being able to do 200. You must be the hulk! :)

  7. Didn't you also nail last week's workouts? Is this sort of consistency easy for you? :P

    Way to go, woman!

  8. You're kicking ass with the planks!

    Sounds like you were dehydrated saturday, did you drink any electolytes?

  9. 3 more days!

    My plan is to run long Sunday after this 10K shindig but, we'll see how that goes. I was pretty pooped after the 5K this weekend.


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