Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to have the best Birthday Weekend ever

(So, first, I'm just calling it out. I'm quitting Suck Less. Not forever, but for this week, at least. I need a break, I'm tired of the program right now, and just bleh. I'm going to try to incorporate some other cross-training things, but for now, I don't even want to discuss a push up or tricep dip.)


Recipe for the Best Birthday Weekend Ever

1. Show a 10K who's boss.

2. Have a husband who not only accepts your love of The Mouse...


...but also makes TWSS jokes.


3. Have the best internet friend ever, who didn't believe The H when he said "She likes bright things to run in", but bought these for you anyway....


4. After finishing the day with pizza, beer, and pool, and the cutest, most disgruntled baby ever....

....sleep from 10pm until 8am. Because that's not your baby.

5. Follow up French Toast and bacon in the morning with a stop at the farmers market, where a miracle happens. You find the Baconmania truck.


No words.

6. Go shoe shopping, "for The H"...




7. Let #3 try on anything that looks fun at Target...


8. Use the Sports Authority gift cards that you got for Mother's Day to buy a swimsuit appropriate for a tri...

...and also appropriate if you ever get lost at sea and need to be found.

9. Finally, FINALLY, bake the perfect cupcake. Vanilla, with mocha frosting, and toasted coconut.


The end.


  1. Wow, awesome.

    And, vanilla with chocolate frosting is the. best. cupcake. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

  2. BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVERRRRRRR. i am pretty jealous. love the swimsuit. love the socks. LOVE THE SHOES. and the bacon. i could just keep naming things i love about your weekend, but then i'd just have to copy and paste your whole post.

  3. I think I'd be all about the bacon and mac. Yum. Love the shoes.

  4. super cute shoes & tights!!!

    Oh yum your cupcakes sound yummo

  5. sounds like a great week to me! and well deserved. Suck less will be there when you return.

  6. yay for shoe shopping! i'm not a fan of bacon but i'll pretty much eat anything in mac n' cheese :)


    Coconut and bacon. My two favorite foods on the planet.

  8. "....sleep from 10pm until 8am. Because that's not your baby." <--- Baaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Now that I got that out of the way - your 10K rocked! And I hope you got the red and the royal blue shoes because those are HAWT. Actually I like most of those shoes but I figured for the sake of budget, I'd narrow it down.

    *Hugs* to #3! :)

  9. best post ever!!

    love the heels - the studded/spiked ones --- awesome.

    pink socks - rock
    yummy food.

    babies....I heart babies....even crying ones.

  10. Truly the best weekend ever!
    You can rock some sassy shoes, I'm not equipped with such skills.
    Gabby has the knack for fashion, I gotta tell ya.
    I don't like cake, but that cupcake looks dang good!!!

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