Friday, July 15, 2011

I don't care. You won't make it.

You guys. The race pace 4 miles I was totally freaked out about yesterday?

I totally killed it.

And I didn't die.

And I didn't feel like I was close to death, either.

Goal pace: 10:28.

Actual pace: 10:18.

Splits: 10:48, 10:26, 10:23, 9:37 <------ 9:37, wtf is that?!

That is all. Go have a beer. I'm declaring this week over, because it sure couldn't get better from there.

OC blogger meetup at the Irvine Farmers Market Saturday morning - email me if you'd like to meet up, we'd love to meet you!

Friday Funny.... OMC, indeed.

....Gabby's ANC number came back REALLY super low this week (meaning, her immune system is REALLY depressed right now), so we were pretty much homebound this weekend anyway. No Carmageddon here.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Look at you! Quite the speedster these days!

    I hope Gabby feels okay. :(

  2. This Carmageddon thing fascinates me!

  3. niiiiiice pace!

    Hope Gabby feels better....

  4. Sorry about Gabby but AWESOME JOB on your race pace!!! You rocked it :)

  5. I hope Gabby is ok. Have a good homebound weekend. * hugs *

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  7. Look at you with your awesome progression run!

  8. Hope Gab's #'s bounce back up - anyway, with Carmageddon, even the OC might not be spared! Best stay indoors! (so dramatic).

    You are going to kill the race. I think 90% chance I am running that shiz, too. Maybe we can drag FasterBunny along (think maybe OUAL will still be in surg recovery mode... 2wks).

  9. AWESOME JOB! you are my hero :)

    and i hope miss gabby's counts make their way up soon!

  10. Just think how fast you would have run if you did 10 miles. You were just getting warmed up, obviously. We're talking sub 9:00 if you kept going.

  11. Great job!
    Boo, sorry Gabby's numbers are low...will be thinking of her this weekend.

  12. Great to see you today, and thinking of gabby!!!

  13. GIRL!!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I love it when I accomplish something that I was scared that I couldn't:) It is a great feeling! I am bummed I couldn't come yesterday because of having family here:) Let me know when you go next time!!!!


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