Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Morning Tempo Run - 1. Me - 0.

Suck Less last night - 167 push ups, 255 sit ups, 110 tricep dips.
Curse that week off. It's like I've never moved my body ever before in my life.

Dude. That really, really sucked.

So, I have plans tonight, so I set out to get my 4 miles in early. I did my 400's on Saturday, and was going to be outside, so thought I'd switch things up and do my tempo run today, and intervals on Thursday.

You know how people say to listen to your body?

It's not really a joke.

I felt okay - sleepy, but I'm guessing that's because it was 5:45am, and 5:45am is a stupid time to be awake. But my legs, my breathing, I felt good. Until I paused at after my warm up mile to stretch.

Shooting pain, in my left shoulder blade. Ouch ouch ouch.

My back has been kind of wonky since I slept on the flight back from Florida, and it's just achy. But it's just my back, right, how would that stop you from running?

Well. Every time I landed in a certain way on my left foot? Shooting pain in my shoulder.

Every time I tried to breathe deep? Shooting pain in my shoulder.

Every time I wasn't holding my core and standing super straight? Shooting pain in my shoulder

I don't know if you've ever tried to run without breathing, but I don't recommend it. It pretty much sucks.

So, whatever. I should have stopped, but I'm a moron and finished my 4 miles.
1 - 13:01 (this included stopping for a minute to stretch and realize my back was revolting against me)
2 - 11:26
3 - 11:27
4 - 11:01

Tempo pace: 10:40. Fail.

The lesson here today....
When you can't breathe, you should probably not run

Oh well.

The bright side to this, was those last 3 miles (when I wasn't stopped dead in my tracks by random shoulder pain) felt effortless.... And it included walking and stopping. Good to know, I guess.


  1. I can totally do the suck less program with a broken foot, so I suck for not doing so.

    I hope your shoulder pain goes away!

  2. What is it about that darn tempo run? I've tried mixing it up too, and have the hardest time every week nailing the pace.

    I'm proud of you for finishing your miles. At least you've got that going for ya!

  3. I am just impressed at all of those pushups / situps...I will remember not to challenge you to an arm wrestling contest!! :)

  4. That is stupid. Pain is STUPIDDDD. But you STILL RAN FOUR MILES! Seriously... maybe it sucked for you, but it was awesome for me.

  5. NICE job with all of your workouts. It truly motivates me to stop sucking like a lazy bum!! I'll go out for my workout after I read one more blog...just one more. :p

    p.s weather is warmer now... don't you LOVE IT!

  6. Sorry about the pain - way to get the miles done anyways!

  7. If that's a fail, I should stop running! My fastest mile to date is 12:08!!

  8. This just makes me hurt all over! But you were up! You did it! Now you are free for the whole night. Woo, party. Let's do shots! (Okay, let's not. I'm too old for that now.)

  9. Wonky backs are the WORST for running! Totally stops me and I'm a self-proclaimed bad-ass.

  10. Be careful with your back. Sorry it hurt.

  11. Pain just sucks. Breathing is key. I hope this all works itself out soon :)

  12. boo for pain. hope you are feeling better soon. bright side = negative splits?!? :)


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