Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Friday!

Who else is running the Disneyland half?? Interested in a bloggy pre-race dinner meet? Email me!


I'm back from FL, and it's lovely, and only *slightly* humid in SoCal.

I skipped every.single.workout. All of them. It was just so humid. And hot. I did do a lot of walking. But I also did a lot of eating of things. I'm thinking I'll throw in 4 miles speed work tonight (?), and push my long run to Sunday. Maybe. I'm still pretty tired. I got home around 1:30, and up for work at 6:30. Bleh.

Anyway. Pictures of the quickest vacation ever to come, but for now....


Happy Friday!


  1. i do not blame you at all for skipping workouts. i was just telling a friend how im glad my broken foot happened in the summer since i HATE exercising in the heat and humidity.

    although swimming is working out pretty nicely!

    and that picture is adorable!

  2. Bahahahahaahahhaaa!

    I love imagining you taking this picture...were you giggling?

  3. I am totally creeped out. See ya tomorrow - leave those nasty bugs behind, please.

  4. Dang it - I totally can't see the photo. I'll have to send this to my e-mail and look at home.

    You know I'm down for Bloggy Dinner! Biker Boy will be, too. He has no choice.

  5. love the photo!!!

    sometimes is so rejuvenating to take a some time off from workouts :)

    plus, that gives me some time to catch up with tricep dips! i did 35 on friday :)

  6. I don't blame you for taking time off in Florida in the summer…uggy muggy. What are those insects doing? Are they actuallly copulating? Sheesh…get a room…

  7. Girl, I JUST LOVE SEEING YOU AND HANGING OUT!!! SO glad you got back from Florida in time for the meet-up!!! I would NEVER have run in that humidity. It was probably a great thing for your body to take a break!! I wish I was running the Disney is on my checklist though:)

  8. Nothing like a little bug luv.

    I'm heading to FL next week for a week and am supposed to run 14 miles. Hopefully my suffering in TN thus far will lend itself well to further suffering.


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