Monday, February 14, 2022

Banff Marathon Training - Week 5 PFTW

 Last week...

Something happened this day, and I impulsively booked a trip to the Netherlands in March, to use up the last of my flight/hotel credits. When I got an upgrade offer to move to business class for $300, it just felt like fate. 

  • Thrus: upper body strength
  • Fri: lower body pilates & cardio actually just this yoga video
  • Sat: weird snow/rain/ice, lots of beers. Did some cleaning and rearranging, the living room is not doing what I want it to do and now I think I need a new rug and new coffee table. It's a whole thing. 

  • Sun: 10 miles. I'm old and did something weird to my back, so I skipped one run earlier this week hoping I'd be magically healed, but that 10 miles was still pretty painful. Good news (?), it was the same either way, so seems fine! I did take my first bath in my enormous new bathtub, and do you know it took for-ev-er to fill up? Long enough that I ate two pieces of pizza waiting for it? It did help with the back, but only until this morning and now I'm crippled again.

This week...

Tues: 3-4 miles, upper body strength, massage after work
Wed: Core
Thurs: 3-4 miles, Lower body strength
Sat: 6 miles
Sun: rest


  1. That is one giant tub. Also, your living room is gorgeous!!

    1. This is my fourth rug, second table, and second couch, so thanks, it's okay despite my indecision lol


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