Monday, December 4, 2017

Austin Half Marathon - Week 7 PFTW

Last week.....

Front squats (15lb kettle bells) - 3x12
Bench press (20lb) - 3x6
Seated row (27.5lb) - 3x12
Single-leg hip bridge - 3x15
L-sit-ups with medicine ball (11.5lb) - 3x10

4 miles easy

Kettle bell swings (25lb) - 4x10
Kneeling single arm press (10lb) - 3x8
Lateral box steps - 3x8
Upright row (10lb) - 3x10
Lateral plank steps - 3x2x10

3 miles speed intervals (actually "speed")
50 Squats

TRX Squats - 3x12
Arnold press (12.5lb) - 3x10
Deadlifts (115lb!!) - 3x4
Bentover row (45lb barbell) - 3x8
Figure-4 sit-ups - 3x15
Reverse crunches - 3x10
Another 24 squats for a total of 60 for the day

5 miles easy
70 squats

When we were house hunting here last spring, we fell in love with this neighborhood - giant trees, not on a busy road but close enough, 15 minute commute for me, and this amazing running trail close by.

Point 1: It really IS beautiful, and I've loved running on that trail!


Point 2: Also super weird.

I don't know. Austin is weird.

Last week was my last week of personal training, so I guess now I have to like "be motivated" or something. I'll probably go back to fitness blender, but since I'm very, very strong now (lol), I don't have weights heavy enough at home, so to the gym it is!

This week:
Monday - 80 squats, because I saw a challenge and signed up for it. IDK.
Tuesday - 90 squats; 4 miles
Wednesday - 100 squats; strength
Thursday - no squats, 4 miles
Friday - 40 squats; strength
Saturday - 60 squats
Sunday - 6 miles

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  1. Just putting it out there that I'm probably not willing to join you in any FB challenges. I have not been working with a trainer so I'm way weaker than you.


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