Thursday, October 19, 2017

Zombie Runner?



I'm not sure which came first - the retirement, or the blog quitting. But since they seem to go hand in hand, I'm picking both back up at the same time. I tried this before and it didn't stick, but maybe.... 

Some bulletpoints to catch-up:
  • I am still with the same company I was when my job ate up all my running time and I retired. 
  • But now I'm doing the work in Texas! I took a great promotion a few months ago to lead a new branch of the business, and it's been swell. Especially the super comfortable and pleasant summer parts.
  • I tried running while retired, and it didn't go super great. I was DFL at a trail race in Colorado, DNF'ed CIM, and slowly. SLOWLY finished a half marathon earlier this year. {links courtesy of Becka, who continued to blog and do fun things while I did neither of those}.
  • I'm running the Austin half marathon in February! I plan to a. finish, and b. not be last.
  • Lora (previously known as #1) continued her high school running career, and was a big shot. She finished 29th in the state in XC her senior year, and is now running collegiality. I tried to convince her the PNW is where it's at, but she selected a school in the south. Related, she's now An Adult, and apparently makes her own decisions. 
  • Marissa (#2) is still feisty and likes to keep us on our toes. This is the understatement of the century. 
  • Gabby is still healthy, and adorable, but also getting mouthy, so that's new. 
  • I'm still married, and I still really like that guy.
  • We've added a new friend to our family!


Oh yeah! We went to the Grand Canyon!

I do a poor job of keeping track of my workouts and since that hasn't worked out so great for me over the last few years (see: my DNF at CIM last year), I'm rising this mess from the ashes to rekindle my PFTW and other things if I feel like it, tdb

I also joined a gym when we moved here, and have been working with a personal trainer. This wasn't my choice, but I was suckered into paying for it, so I'm certainly not quitting. It's not great, and it's really, REALLY tough, but I guess it's working because I seem very strong now. 


I see my friend twice a week, but I don't really know what my workouts are until I get there - I've asked not to be warned in advance so I can't chicken out. Ideally, I'll post this plan on Monday, and recap the following week with what I did so someday when I stop paying a million dollars a month for this guy, I remember what the workouts are. 

Wednesday - Gym (30 min run, 30 min with the trainer) 
Friday - Gym (30 min run, 30 min with the trainer)
Saturday - "Long" run

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  1. Hi stranger! (Well, not really since I see you on other forms of social media...)
    Glad all's well with you. I would be scared to work out with a trainer. I'm so weak, my hands were cramping yesterday after two games of bowling. 😬


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