Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Back in July, I interviewed for a new job that I thought was PERFECT. It was in the endurance sports industry, it seemed to fit my skills perfectly, it sounded great, and I swear I NAILED the interview.

So I was extra sad when I found out last week (on my birthday, so rude) that I was not selected for the position. WOMP.

To continue making July The Best Month Ever (BUT NOT AT ALL), I was laid off earlier this week.

I knew the position was ending eventually - the company I was working for was undergoing some restructuring, and my position no longer made sense there. I was unhappy there, anyway, so I'm sure it is for the best, but being unemployed when you have three kids to supply things for is pretty annoying.

I am lucky that I have a great husband that can go back to work at his great job full time (he left and then went part time when Gab was diagnosed with leukemia), so I can't complain too much. But still... I was hoping to find something new before I became a non-employed person. Oh wells.

When HR told me I was being let go, I was... relieved. It was not a company I loved, not the position I was well-suited for, and my manager and I did not really work well together. I guess when you're relieved at being let go, it means it was really time to go.

2. I swear I'm not copying SarahOUaL, but I celebrated Tuesday evening with my favorite beer, and took an unplanned rest day. Wheee.

I spent my first day of not working doing a 5 mile progression run in the beautiful SoCal summer weather...
Followed by my scheduled hour bike ride. And THEN went out for another short run with my ex-neighbor Will.

I went grocery shopping with Gabby. I watched tv with #1. I gave #2 all my cash so she could go out. All these things I don't normally get to do. I'm sure the novelty will eventually wear off, I really don't do great with down time, but... I guess it means I'll just have to find something to keep busy during the job hunt. Volunteering probably?

3. Tonight is the last race in the Renegade Summer Trail Run series! I'll be there tonight with Striding Mom and Angry Julie, in sparkles this time. I'm excited to try the reverse loop - maybe it's easier????

Will I see any of you there??


  1. Sorry you got laid off, although it doesn't sound like entirely a bad thing if you were relieved it happened. double sorry you didn't get the job you wanted and were told on your birthday, that is rude!

  2. Sorry you got laid off, although it doesn't sound like entirely a bad thing if you were relieved it happened. double sorry you didn't get the job you wanted and were told on your birthday, that is rude!

  3. Sorry about the job, but definitely sounds like it will be the best thing for you in the end. Hope something great comes along soon!! In the meantime enjoy the unexpected rest break!

  4. I am so excited to hear about your race tonight! Those really sound like the funnest!


  5. That sucks about the layoff. Wishing you much luck in finding something better.

    I've been wanting to try those races but its a little harder to do a weekday race.

    Good Luck!

  6. I will no longer be holding your chevron headband hostage and will return it to it's rightful owner....while toting watermelon this evening!! Can't wait :)

  7. Good luck tonight! Not working leaves so much time for training. One bonus.

    I didn't know you applied for an endurance industry job. No wonder you were so bummed on your birthday.

  8. Getting laid off is a bummer, even if you don't like the job. Sorry to hear the news. I've run Peters Canyon summer series both ways, and in my opinion, clockwise is easier. You have time to "warm up" before the big climbs. Have fun tonight.

  9. I can't even imagine those hills, just stop pretending it is fun!

    I hate that you didn't get the job that you seem perfect for. They suck. I think you SHOULD copy SarahOUaL and start your own FunEmployment. Just for a little while, before the novelty wears off.

  10. Yes yes yes to the Shock Top.

  11. When I saw your fb post, I wasn't sure if you were happy or sad about the job. It will all work out-sometimes I think it's nice bc it will force you to find something new (and that you like). The summer shandy beer is my absolute fav. I haven't had the lemon. And, company that didn't hire you: their loss!

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