Thursday, August 15, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my training recap, BUT, I fell off my bike for the first time last week!

We were stopping at a red light, and I misjudged my distance from the curb, and.... missed. I just toppled right over. And since I was basically at a stand still, it was mostly just... I was standing, and then slowly settling in on the ground.

It was INCREDIBLY lame and dumb. And I don't even have any fun scars to show for it.

2. Related to above, here's a PSA for you: Don't text and ride at the same time. The H has been riding his bike to work, and thought he would be clever and text while riding home. And then he fell, but not nearly as lazily as I did. That is some dangerous isht, and I don't know why anyone would try it. Don't do that, you guys. (and, related to The H, today we've been married FIFTEEN YEARS. That is so long!)

3. A second interview happened yesterday at the (second) happiest place on earth.....
That mouse makes me so happy.


  1. good luck on your interview! yikes on you and your H both falling off the bike.

  2. Happy anniversary! And congrats on a second interview. This is awesome.

    S says everyone falls when they start riding. Just be glad you got it over with early.

  3. Happy anniversary! 15 years is a looong time ;)

    I hope you get good news about the interview soon.

  4. 15 years!! Wow!

    And yes, why WOULD you text while riding. Reminds me of the guy we saw taking a picture with BOTH HANDS while riding a motorcycle.

    Good luck :D

  5. Good luck with the mouse! Tell the H not to text on his bike if he wants to live to see 16 years! Congratulations! And be careful, I am still prone to tipping over more often than I'd like to admit. Cross training is HARD in that way.

  6. Happy anniversary and hope you get some good news re: your interview!!

    I tipped over like that on my bike once. In front of a cafe with people sitting outside. It was very, very embarrassing.

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