Monday, June 24, 2013

So, this one time I thought I'd do a trail run. PFTW.

Last week:
Monday/Tuesday: Nothing; I called this "recovery"
Wednesday: 3 easy miles
Thursday/Friday: Nothing; I called this "lazy"
Saturday: 5 - Trails!
Sunday: 5 easy

Total: 13 easy paced miles

I had this idea recently that I would do all of my summer long runs on trails. I'm toying with some fall/winter plans, and want to get some time in the dirt to really gauge my interest (for real interest vs I'm bored and have race envy interest).

I'd discussed running long on trails this weekend with the H, and we loosely decided to run 8-10 miles at a not-so-local trail about 45 minutes away.

And then I hit snooze a bazillion times, and by the time we managed to be ready to run, it was looking HOT. We hit up a local trail instead, for a 5 mile loop.

Because The H hates me, he said we should run the loop clockwise instead of counter-clockwise - we had hiked it counter-clockwise last time, and his intention was to run the hard part first, and finish with the easy part.

This was a terrible, TERRIBLE plan. The first mile was up an incline, then down a little bit, but then up for 2 miles. It was essentially 3.5 miles of terrible incline. It was HARD.

By the time we hit the ridgeline, it was sunny and hot.

 photo null_zps912c80ee.jpg

Then, THEN! The descent that I was really looking forward to, was really too technical to even really run. So... thwarted.

Oh well.
 photo null_zps23e0aedf.jpg
It was fun. And now I know, counter-clockwise.
On Sunday, I ran to my friend's house, picked her up, and then we ran to breakfast. This was a genius plan.
Until my car wouldn't start, and her husband had to come rescue us.
 photo null_zpsbf977696.jpg

A jump, a trip to fancy South Coast Plaza in my ProCompression....
 photo null_zps0466d7e9.jpg
and some semi-annual sale shopping....
 photo null_zpsc4337587.jpg
and a new battery was installed, and I was on my way. My 5 mile run took me 5 hours. That is not efficient.

Plan for this week.....
Monday: Cross training (did arms, core, and glutes/thighs this morning, 30 minutes)
Tuesday: 3-4 miles easy, cross training
Wednesday: Cross training
Thursday: 3-4 miles easy, cross training
Friday: Cross training
Saturday: Volunteering!
Sunday: Long run, maybe on trails, depending on weather

Total mileage: I'd like to get 20-ish?

This weekend, I'll be volunteering at the Harding Hustle - if you'll be there, maybe I'll see you!
The rest of my weekend was spent at a birthday party for some old neighbors who abandoned our cozy apartments for a giant house with a giant backyard filled with a giant tree. So rude of them. Who would ever want to do that.

 photo null_zps95a05821.jpg
Stupid trees. Stupid tire swings.

Ever since I threw the Dinosaur Party for Gab's end of chemo, I spy other parties like a breeding ground for "Great Ideas I Didn't Even Know I Was Sad I Missed". Like these individual cakes. Delicious, and perfectly portioned, AND you could make them ahead of time.

 photo null_zps5c320764.jpg

And then the rest of our weekend was spent outfitting #1 for Cross Country camp, which started today.

Be still my heart.... after trying on a dozen shoes in 4 different stores, she picked these.

 photo null_zps074d086d.jpg
Run happy, #1.


  1. love the photos of gab on the tire swing.

    trails >> pavement. Unfortunately I have failed to find those or hills in chicago. on the to-do list.

  2. I wish I had more trails by me to run! My parents have trails in their neighborhood, so I run those when I go back to their house. Unfortunately for me, it's mostly pavement running... Poor feet/legs!

  3. I don't know why we don't do that breakfast run EVERY weekend.


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