Monday, June 10, 2013

SFM "Training" Recap - PFTW

Coming out of Eugene, I had 5 weeks until SFM (First Half). I initially planned to take a full week off, then run low mileage, rebuilding a bit of a base (that I let lapse during Eugene training - it really takes a special amount of DUMB to let your base slip during marathon training).

Because I am dumb and lazy (and, actually legit unwell for a week), this is what happened:
What I was actually SUPPOSED to do, were weeks averaging 20-25 miles.
I didn't do that.
My longest run since Eugene has been 8 miles - I did 8 hilly trail miles about 3 weeks ago, and 8 miles yesterday. I didn't die, and I didn't feel like I couldn't go on, so I will probably not die during SFM (1H). It will likely be slow, and that's okay - the first half is beautiful, so I plan on carrying a real camera, and enjoying it.
Vague-goal: Take pictures, enjoy the scenery, and maaaaybe 2:30ish?
Last week....
I did some stuff, that wasn't running!
Monday: 20 minutes Yoga Sculpt from YogaDownload - this is a flow series with weights incorporated. It was HARD for me, because I have the weakest arms EVER. Followed by 10 minute tank top arms that Kim reccommended. Who knew arm circles would be the end of me.
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Repeat of Monday - yoga was slightly easier, probably because I knew what to expect. Arms were still so hard.
Thursday: I RAN OUTSIDE, IN THE MORNING. 4 miles progression (10:40, 10:40, 10:16, 9:35 - I did not realize I was still capable of a solid sub-10 for any amount of time. Who knew?). After work cross training - the 10 minute tank top arms, followed by 10 minute core, and 10 minute butt and thigh. Apparently, the ony thing weaker than my arms, is my core.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Does tandem biking with 4 other people count? If it's really hilly, does that count more?
Sunday: 8 miles - 4 easy with (ex-neighbor) Will, 4 miles at "goal" pace. Felt not bad!
This week....
Monday: Cross training (probably repeat last week's yoga/arms), plus that terrible 10 minute core
Tuesday: 3-4 miles easy, with strides?
Wednesday: Repeat cross training
Thursday: 3-4 easy in the am, Cross Country meeting for #1's high school team!!!
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Travel to San Francisco!!, do some expo working, meetup, Ferry Building for coffee
Sunday: 13.1 of the most scenic miles ever.
If you'll also be in San Francisco this weekend (LUCKY YOU!), come see me in the Tech Center from 9-11 Saturday, and at the SFM Meet-Up/Tweet Up at noon! Details here: SF Marathon Meet-Up/Tweet Up.


  1. SFM! SFM! SFM!! I'll be working the expo right AFTER you sooooo be prepared to PARTY. SFM WEEK!! <3

  2. wooo half marathon! enjoy SF.

    also my arms are surprisingly strong for being a runner. who knew.

  3. Love 10 minute workouts! Was just thinking I needed something quick when I turned off my Pilates DVD becasue I bore too easily the other day! Gonna have to check them out! Have fun in SF, you'll be great!

  4. Oy with the brutal 10 minute workouts. I love them, I hate them. Must check out your butt, I mean THE butt workout next.

  5. San Francisco is definitely on our running checklist...maybe 2014?

    I hear the race is a killer, but it will be beautiful.

    You'll be fine on mileage, may not be a PR but you'll be fine. Have a great race.

  6. HIGH SCHOOL?!?! XC?! I am so jealous. I loved HS XC. SO FUN.
    I think you will just be well rested for the half, no worries. You just ran a full, after all!

  7. Have a great time in SF!
    That one is on my to do list!

  8. i need to do that video-she told me about it months ago and i've just been doing my own workouts at the gym (but now curling 15lbs!!) but getting bored with them. have fun this weekend! can't wait to see all the pics!


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