Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Photo Friday - kid stuff, #SFM2013 stuff, random stuff

1. I've been attending "graduations" for the last two days. Apparently it's a Thing to celebrate graduating Kindergarten, 6th grade (elementary school), and 8th grade now? That's new to me.

I know. Can you handle the cuteness?

2. And 6th grade....

3. #1 spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm with her friends (it was a school trip, I'm not just randomly cool enough to send her to a park on a school day).

Unfortunately, no pictures of her. But here's a giraffe selfie.

4. While I was playing in San Francisco last weekend, The H hung up my new Allied Medal Hanger, and reorganized them!

 photo null_zps03cd2315.jpg

 photo null_zps0d9fe522.jpg

He's great. I guess I need to register for some marathons to fill up that hanger....

My next hanger purchase, I believe, will be one of Allied's new Magical Design hangers.... maybe... this one?

Magic, it's true.

5. This kid sure has the pinchablest cheeks ever.
 photo null_zps8b80867c.jpg

Brooke is the cutest. A bunch of local friends/bloggers had dinner a few days ago at a local mall.

Pam, Janae, Kristina the non-blogger, me, Skinny Runner, Faster Bunny, Striding Mom
6. While in San Francisco for 36 very short hours (womp), I spent a couple hours working the tech center at the expo....
 photo null_zpsa62eb2e1.jpg

And watching all the runners leave their mark on the SFM #SF4BOSTON banner.
 photo null_zps302edd29.jpg

The expo this year felt MUCH better than last year - more space for everyone and the vendors.
 photo null_zps52610800.jpg
I spy BicBands!
7. At the expo, I finally got to meet some of the other Ambassadors, and attend the SFM tweet up.
Ambassador Meg, me, my favorite/weekend host Renee, and Ambassador Courtney
 The Uniform of Awesome... 
Court, me, Alisyn, Meg, Elise
So much sparkle!

8. One of the best things about running the first half, is I got to finish the race early in the morning, pick up my delicious finish line goodies....
 photo null_zpsf138b577.jpg

...and hop on the transport buses down to the finish area to watch the marathon and second half finishers coming in. I love spectating - racing PLUS spectating in the same race?? Fantastic.

I was able to see my friend Sandy from BicBands finishing her first full marathon strong...
 photo null_zps812748be.jpg

I also got to see a few other SFM Ambassador's finishing - check out their recaps...
Paulette PR'ed in the 2nd half
Alisyn helped pace Paulette to that awesome PR
Meg finished crazy fast in the hilly 1st half
Average A tried to be stealthy about running fast, but she destroyed the marathon
Chris nailed an insane PR in the full
Janey ran the full
and Krissy LOVED her first SFM experience


  1. I LOVE THOSE HANGERS! My husband and I ran a half marathon together in March (his first one ever), and I've been wondering what to do with the medals! I usually don't do anything with them and then lose them eventually... Thanks for showing those!!

  2. Funny... I was gifted the Every mile is magic holder, but rumor is you already knew that. Mine has been sitting on the kitchen table for the last month. When can B come to Colorado to hang it for me??

    LOVE the pic of Gabs.

  3. So great to finally meet you and Sparkle with you! What a great weekend! And thanks for the shoutout! <3

  4. I think I need to add SFM to my "must do" list - every time you write about it, I want to hop on a plane and do it...


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