Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday - 2 Years Ago

Two years ago, at Gabby's pre-school holiday party, I noticed some red dots around her eyes...
I took her to the doctor - she'd had a cough, but so did everyone in her class. I didn't think much of it, but the dots were a little disconcerting. The doctor checked her out a little, but said it was likely just from the coughing, and that it would fade away.

That was the week before Christmas.

The holidays are always busy for us (like everyone, I know). I work in consumer goods, so Christmas is BUSY, and immediately after is busy with returns. #1's birthday is January 2nd. It's general chaos. I remember being vaguely concerned about Gab, but in general, assumed the time away from the sick kids in her class, and resting at home, would cure the nagging cough. I am a pretty tough mother to rattle.


Exactly one week after this picture was taken, Gabby was admitted to the pediatric oncology ICU, and diagnosed with leukemia.

Looking at those pictures now, I cannot fathom how we didn't realize soemthing was wrong with her. She looks so tired, so pale.

In the end, it didn't really matter, the course of treatment for her would have been the same, regardless of when she was diagnosed.

As I have the last two years, I'm fundraising for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

PCRF is a local organization, which is one reason I like working with them. I joined them for their first fundraising season, and I've met amazing people working with them. Another, big, reason I selected PCRF to focus my efforts on, is that they commit a high percentage of their funds to go directly to pediatric cancer research. Since their inception 30 years ago, they have awarded over $24.5 million in research grants, funding research to improve treatments, improve the quality of life, and find a cure for childhood cancers. Sure, it's not much compared to the big TNT's out there, but they are passionate, and committed - and I love that.

Last year, during my fundraising, I was lucky to have a couple of guest bloggers, who detailed their experiences related to volunteering at children's hospitals and working with oncology patients. I wrote a lot (A LOT) about the numbers, the facts behind pediatric cancer research, the statistics.

This year, we're approaching the end of Gabby's treatment. She'll be officially released from treatment while I'm training with PCRF's VIP group to run the Reaching for the Cure Half Marathon in May.

This year, I want Gabby's journey to do the talking.

You can click HERE to donate to PCRF, to help find a cure. Or volunteer. Or just follow along, and spread the word. Pediatric cancer research is grossly underfunded, and needs all the help it can get.

Because cancer really, really sucks.


  1. This time of year will always be a reminder for you...I wish the best for Gabby as she and her whole family move beyond treatment and to a long, healthy, happy, normal life!

  2. "...officially released from treatment..." BEST WORDS EVER!!!!

  3. Bless her little heart! Being released from treatment is great news! I hope she continues to do well. Yes, cancer does suck, especially when it happens to children. I will keep her and your family in my prayers.

  4. thank you so much heather for your commitment to pcrf.

    so glad to hear gabby is nearing the end of treatment. thats AMAZING.

    so happy for you guys :)

  5. She is so freaking cute, I never would have known anything was wrong either. I'm so happy those two years are behind you all so you can charge on ahead!


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