Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I might be alone in this, but you guys, CIM was, like, MAGIC. First, this is the ONLY chafing I got, despite running hours through the rainiest rain ever.


Second, Jerk Shin is magically healed. No pain when I run, very very VERY minimal pain if I start poking and hitting it. Maybe it was the hours of ice bath WHILE I RAN, but whatever. I'll take it.
CIM = Magic.

2. Good news: I lost a couple pounds during taper (or the Bob Harper two weeks of madness that I did, whatever). Bad news: my two favorite Lulu skirts don't fit me quite right yet. Good news: They've released a new Chase Me, MY FAVORITE, plus a beautiful striped Pace Setter THAT I NEED. Bad news: I have a policy against buying anything for myself during the holidays just in case. {Do you hear that H? This skirt and this skirt}.

3. This Elf business? With the creepy little doll that you move around and put in wacky scenarios That isht is WEIRD. Maybe I'm bah humbugy (but I don't think so, I LOVE HOLIDAYS), but I don't have a brain creative enough to come up with scenarios, nor do I have the patience to make a mess, and then CLEAN IT the next day. No way, no thanks, nope.

This is kind of how I feel about it. Please don't be offended and shun me now, thanks.


  1. 1. Only one chafing wound from all that rain? Teach me your ways, oh wise one. (Lucky girl!)

    2. That blue skirt looks s.h.o.r.t. My thighs plumped up while I checked it out.

    3. My kids are too old for the elf, but I agree with you. More Christmas lies.

  2. Those skirts are BOTH the best. I hope the H gets you BOTH of them!! Obviously you would wear them ALL the time. I had never even heard of this elf business. I would never partake in such a thing.

    CIM CIM CIM!!! (I only *wish* I had neck chafing. Crotch chafing is the WORST)

  3. I'm glad to hear that the shin is better and that CIM =magic.

    As for the elf, I do the elf crap because B asked if we could adopt one of those things. I agree, the sh*t is creepy, something watching you and reporting on everything you do...eek. Most nights it's annoying, but from time to time it's fun to mess with the kid. BTW, that article made me nearly pee myself when I first read it, she's hilarious.

  4. Wow, nice job on minimal chaffing. Wish I could be like that too. I lost a bunch of toenails running with wet shoes this year already.

    I don't own anything lulu. Sometimes I feel like a loser because I am afraid of that store.

    We have an elf. It really is magic. You tell the kids that the elf is watching, and they behave. Totally worth the effort. Ours just goes back and forth between the kitchen and living room shelving units. He can't be too creative so no one misses the bus trying to find him. He also knows better than to make messes around here. I have a hard time keeping the house clean with our messes.

  5. I think the elf is creepy! We don't do it. My kids would never fall for it anyway. :)

  6. #1: Take that chafing and apply it to the very upper inner part of your thighs (think bikini line area) and that's about what I've got going on. TMI? Battle wounds are never TMI!! :)

    #2: We have a rule in our house that in Nov-Dec if we buy anything non-food, it goes under the tree until Christmas. Sure, I know what half of my presents are, but it is so much fun ripping open paper. :)

    #3: Yes! I've been seeing this all over my Facebook lately and wondering if it was from a book or a Mommy thing, because I totally don't get it. What the heck.

  7. wow, you are lucky to have it heal so fast! and what's with the elf? It freaks me out too. LIke christmas Chucky!

  8. I love that article and if I was a mom, I'm sure I'd feel that way.

    But I'm an aunt, so it brings me great joy to come up with ideas and tell my sister. And then demand pictures. I think I get a kick out of it more than my nieces. I'm such a jerk.

  9. Jealous of your minimal chafing--the fronts of my thighs look like raw meat. Cracking up about the elf. If my son wasn't here to remind me to move it every night, I'd fail and my daughter would be heartbroken. But yeah, it is kind of creepy!

  10. That's a really weird place to chafe!!! And SHIT that looks painful! I've chafed before but never like that!

    Cute skirts, but I'm with Kim. I've got too much junk in my trunk for something that short.

    I've always thought the elf was stupid, but this year I've got a friend doing it and they crack me up. They've been posting pictures of some of them on FB, and they're hilarious.

  11. Torrential down-pour = magic? LOCA! You need to post your anti-chafe secrets please.
    I will send you my wish list, you send to my hubs; I will send your list to yours. Deal?

  12. Ok, have to add, that I live in a black hole b/c I've never heard of/seen the Elf. That post was hilarious though. I can't imagine having so much time on my hands to make messes around the house for an Elf. WATDF?

  13. I am so impressed that you only had one chaff mark! Amazing. I also think the Elf is weird. I just don't get it!

  14. I was pretty hopeful, dreaming, that CIM fixed by buttcrease and leg-lock problem. Buuuuut, I ran this morning and no such luck. The CIM fairies love you, but not me :(

  15. The elf thing creeps me out. I just don't see the point. I'm glad I'm not alone in my thinking.

  16. that is your only chaffing. i kinda hate you (i kid). i have more than that on a regular non rainy race. i must admit, i get tired of seeing posts of the damn elf, but i like the concept. get your child to do whatever you say for an entire month. that part is kinda genius. too bad i don’t have any to lie to. :)


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