Monday, December 17, 2012

Troutman Sanders Renegade Santa Run - 10K Recap

The Troutman Sanders Renegade Santa Run has been on my radar for a few years - it's put on by Renegade Racing, which is one of my favorite local race companies. Jonathan Pauley, the owner and RD, puts on some damn fine races -  they also organize the Reaching for the Cure Half in May, benefiting PCRF.

There are 10k, 5k, and 1k kids' runs available. Registration started at $25 for th 5k, and $35 for the 10k - SUPER reasonable. I lucked into an extra discount at an event they were doing, and I think I ended up paying $27 for the 10k. It was such a good deal, the H decided to run with me.

I mean, not WITH me, because he's way faster than I am.

We needed to pick up our bibs on race day, and left our house around 7am for an 8am start. Parking was a little crazy - the race starts in a residential area, near a park, and there is limited parking available at the start, some down the street, and additional parking a bit further away, with a bus avaialble. We REALLY lucked out on the weather - a few days earlier, it was showing rain in the forecast (AGAIN). But, it ended up blowing through earlier than expected, and it was dry and cool for the race.

After parking, getting our stuff together, and bibbing up, we made our way to the start corrals about 15 min before the start. They have a LOT of kids running this race (it's a WeROCK event). There were some announcements about how to line up at the start - there were pace groups set up, by signs, and they even emphasized that walkers should stay towards the back (I LOVE THAT).

Angry Julie snuck up on me with a few minutes to go, and because she's a better blogger than I am, took a picture of us. I'm lame, and didn't even bring a camera. Oops.

BUT this is what I wore. Spoiler, sparkles make you faaaaaaaast.

The race started right on time, and it was TIGHT. The 5k and 10k start together, and it's on a bike path, and there's just not a ton of room to maneuver. We were warned that it would be a little tight, and it wasn't a joke. It spread out a bit more once we got about a mile in, so it wasn't awful.

My goal going into the race was to PR - my PR of 59:34 was set back in February at Race on the Base, and I really wanted to obliterate it. I was shooting for a 9:15 overall pace (for a 57:28 time), but kind of wanted to beat the H's RotB time of 56:13. No real reason, I just felt like it.

I got zero pictures of anything. The course was nice enough, all run on bike trails - a lot of dirt trail for the 10k. There were no hills, per se, BUT there is a lot of gradual uphill that lasts kind of a long time.
In general, everything heading to the west and north is a gentle uphill. It wasn't too bad until around mile 5, when I tried pushing the pace a little, and I definitely felt it.

There were a few aid stations, and they all had plenty of water from what I saw (I didn't stop for any). There were volunteers at all of the turn arounds, directing traffic. It was a really well supported race.

Because of the out and backs, I was able to see The H twice - once at mile 3ish, and once around mile 5.5ish. He was gliding along all fancy like it was effortless. I see where #1 gets it....

The ONLY complaint I have, is crossing the bridge just after mile 5, there were a LOT of people leaving the race, meandering along, and taking up a lot of the narrow path. There was just not a ton of room to accomodate that. And, running in the last .2, it was the same - a lot of people, and a lot of KIDS darting across the course. I probably lost a little bit of time there, but it is what it is. It's not a closed course, so you can't really stop people from walking home, I GUESS.

The H KILLED his race, coming in at 50:44 with a 5.5 minute PR.




Average 9:01 pace, and a 3+ minute PR.

Splits: 9:15, 9:08, 9:10, 8:58, 9:16, 8:58, 8:13.

THE END, maybe I should just retire now.


  1. Awesome job!! Congrats!

  2. I love Jonathan Pauley's races and congrats on the big PR :)

  3. You are the FASTEST!!! Congratulations on your PR, I know you worked hard for it!

  4. Congrats- looks like you did great!

    It's always nice when the hard work produces favorable results :)

  5. You killed it! Congrats! Wow somebody has totally evolved as a runner. Go you!

  6. You killed it! Congrats! Wow somebody has totally evolved as a runner. Go you!

  7. Anyone who can get a 3 minute PR in a 10K is on her way to take more big chunks off next year. Sub-50, here she comes!

  8. sparkles make YOU so fast!! CONGRATS! no time to retire. only time to #runalltheraces!

  9. Wow! That's great, especially with those tight trails. Courses like that make me feel like I'm literally breathing down someones neck. Congrats!


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