Thursday, March 8, 2012

TTT: Morning runs, Tempo Runs, and Weight Loss

1. I had to work a later shift today, so I thought it was the PERFECT opportunity to get my run in this morning. 6am, I was on the treadmill for my - dun dun DUN - 7 mile tempo run. I hate tempo runs. HATE. SO hard. I take back any nice things I have ever said about tempo runs. Goal 3 at 10:20, 2 at 9:55. Actual 10:24, 10:19, 10:19, 9:54, 9:40. Success?

2. I don't want to call it success. I thought FOR SURE after my sub-60 10K, that I would nail this, easy peasy. Not the case. I mean, I did nail it, but it was NOT EASY. It sucked, hard. And, man. You morning runners are dirty liars. It is NOT glorious. It's early, and exhausting, and now I have a full day of work still ahead of me.

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3. A few months back I said I wanted to drop about 12 lbs. Since then, I've upped my mileage, been pretty diligent about eating well and watching my caloric intake. And as a result...... I've gained 1 pound. Yeah, that's true. It happened. And NO, I am POSITIVE 3 weeks of strength conditioning did not gain me a pound of muscle. So, I'm kind of at a loss. I mean, I'm not really killing myself over it, but... come on, body. Get with the program.


  1. I've gained 3 pounds over the last three weeks. And that is running 60+ miles a week. True story.

  2. I did my first early morning run for a while recently and it was GLORIOUS!! I felt great all day, loved being up early etc etc... Since then I've been doing an early one every week and they're progressively less fun. Like you, now I just feel tired. Bleurgh.

  3. I don't know how you do that on a treadmill. I ran two miles on a treadmill this morning (first treadmill run in years) and thought I was going to drown in my own sweat and/or fly off the back. Way to go!

  4. i say success b/c you got through it. some days you just have to be happy with that. i too seem to be NOT losing weight even though i just upped my workouts - however, 2 people did tell me i looked i will take that.

  5. Heather have you ever had your thyroid function checked?

  6. could be water retention, hows your salt intake?

    you're not the only one who hates tempo runs....

  7. Good for you for getting your run done early. That in itself is glorious.
    The flu works wonders on weight loss. Just sayin.

  8. I pretty much gave up on weighing myself. Since I got home from WDW in January I have shrunk. I keep seeing my tummy get flatter. My clothes are looser. It's awesome! Then I weigh myself? NO change. Then I feel like a fatty patty all over again.

    So I say ... ignore the scale!


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