Monday, March 19, 2012

PR's all OVER the place. PFTW.

Last week:
Wednesday: Crappy 4.5 miles, crappy conditioning class

Thursday: Hill repeats (which, btw, wreaked havoc on my glutes the day after that conditioning class. I STILL felt them Saturday morning!), followed by shoulda-been-4-miles-but-was-actually-6.7 miles, total of 9.7 for the day

Saturday: Hey! I ran 14 miles <-- that's a mileage PR!! And I didn't die, and it wasn't terrible. The last few miles pretty much sucked - the weather went downhill pretty fast, and the last 2 miles were into strong wind, and some light rain. And on a slight up hill. It was SHOCKINGLY less terrible than I thought it would be. 14.14 miles, 2:41:33, 11:25 avg pace. This is a faster pace than my crappy Wednesday run. I'm not even joking. I wasn't exaggerating about awful.

Sunday: 20 minutes cycling, 5.5 miles walking on the treadmill watching the LA Marathon, with it's super beautiful, perfect weather. Cannot WAIT to run this next year!

That put me at 28.36 RUNNING miles for the week. <--That's a WEEKLY mileage PR!!

This week....

Monday: 7 miles easy

Tuesday: Mother/Daughter tea and pajama party to discuss #2 and her changing body with her a few dozen of her closest 5th grade friends, and their mothers. I wish I were joking.

Wednesday: Conditioning class (apparently we're dropping jump rope {yay!} but incorporating burpees {boooooo!}. 7 miles, 6x800.

Thursday: Kindergarten round up for Gabby!

Friday: 4-5 easy

Saturday: dun dun DUN 16 miles

Sunday: sleep, eat all the things


Last week, The H registered Gabby for kindergarten. When she was diagnosed with leukemia last year, we had to pull her out of her beloved pre-school. Her teachers came to visit her once, and brought some cards and balloons that her classmates collected, and Gabby still talks about them. She has been itching to get back to school, so this is pretty much the biggest deal EVER for her. Exciting times here.
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Even when a donut leaves glaze all over her everything


After my 14 miles Saturday (14 miles!), I promised #2 I'd take her to the mall to meet up with her friends.

I forgot how... giggly that age is, surrounded by MORE of that age. Holy crow.

Refueled on the way....
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  1. Awesome mileage...way to go!!

    Love how excited Gabby is for great that she gets to go back!!!

  2. I heart mileage PRs . Congrats!

  3. Yay for Gabby and kindergarten, that is exciting! Great mileage this week! I'm scared for you and your "fun" pajama party tomorrow, I don't want to think about those things (although in reality I've had these types of talks with my #1 becaues she's developing slightly early).

  4. awesome mileage!

    I am right there with you with starting K this year. My child is beyond excited to go to 'big' girl school as she calls it.

  5. New mileage PRs are always awesome. Way to go!

  6. look at all that mileage :):) woohoo! and so excited for Gabby!

  7. Congrats on the weekly mileage PR and 14 miler! Can't wait til i get there...

  8. You are rocking your training!!!

    And that is awesome about Gabby. SO Exciting (and she is so dang cute).


  9. Yay for Gabby! So cute that she is excited for school.


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