Monday, March 5, 2012

Knoxville - The City of Dreams. Also, PFTW

You guys, I don't think Evan Dando listened when I said I was worried about him.

Because that guy, he is looking ROUGH.

I pinky-promise this is my very, very last post about ED (until their next tour...), promise.

My weekend shook down like this....

6am flight, from Orange County. Arrived Knoxville 3:40pm.


I know nothing about Knoxville, or Tennessee, but turns out? It's kinda pretty.

Met Holly from Nothing but Bonfires at the Bijou Theater for drinks and some light Evan Dando stalking...


...which works out great, because in addition to being a lovely person, she's MAYBE as obsessed as I am.

Which is how we ended up walking down the street at the back of the theater and randomly running into Evan Dando outside.

Yes, that happened, and it was magical, and awkward, and glorious, and funny, and sad, all at the same time.

He looks ROUGH. I thought he looked rough in Boulder, but man. That dude is living HARD. Also, he needs to wash his hair. And his shirt.

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Anyway, to overshare, he advised us that he was really tired, that he has been touring a really long time (true), and he wasn't sure how things were going to go. However, they went magically, and it was a great, great show, and I am - I think - over my obsession. Especially because they are now heading to Europe, and according to the H, I am unable to cross the ocean to see Lemonheads.

And then the show was over, we ate amazing guacamole...

before heading back to our hotel. Delicious.

Got to our hotel, and discovered that Evan and crew were staying at the same hotel. We tried some light stalking (as in, sitting in the lobby...), but no further sightings.

2 hours of sleep later, I was back at Knoxville's tiny airport, and home by 10:30am. And then I ate, and took a 30 minute nap, and ran 10 miles. I will have to keep that memory tucked away next time I think I can't possibly do a run because omg I haven't fueled properly or didn't sleep enough.

10 miles, fueled by 2 hours of sleep and guacamole.

Then I took #1 to the magic bakery and bought all the things.
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Plan for the Week!

Last week... 21 miles total
Tuesday: 4 miles easy, 42:37
Wednesday: 1 mile easy, 10:45; strength conditioning class
Thursday: 6 miles speed work, 1 mile warm up, 4 miles strides (600 regular pace, 200 realllly fast, repeat, 1 mile cool down). Awful. 200's suck (PS, someone asked, I was doing 7:55 pace for the 200's).
Saturday: Easy 2.5 mile walk through Knoxville.
Sunday: 10 miles, easy pace, 1:53:18.

This week....
Tuesday: 7 miles easy
Wednesday: 2-3 miles easy, strength conditioning
Thursday: 7 miles tempo (<------GROSSIHATETEMPORUNSGROSS)
Saturday: 12 miles, 6 alone plus 6 with PCRF


  1. Love your sounds like it worked out well for you for the most part!! :)

    Great job on your workouts!!!

  2. I don't the ED madness to stop! I feel so involved now!

  3. but wait no pics of you and ED? need pics! and when I see ED I think erectile dysfunction. lol. sorry!

  4. Why is he working so hard? He needs me to accompany him so he is better taken care of while on tour...I will wash his hair, shirt...

  5. 2 hours of sleep, a cross country flight, and then you ran 10 miles? in case i haven't mentioned it lately ... YOU ROCK :)

  6. Guacamole is must be great training food. You just proved that. I'm going to have to try it myself.

    Or maybe it's just a cure for sleep deprivation. We'll have to do an experiment.

    And ED- I thought the same thing- erectile dysfunction.

  7. So jealous. "over the obsession" is this true? say it's not true.

    I like the way you write too, very entertaining.


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