Monday, December 30, 2013

And then I retired

First: Any local friends planning to run the SoCal Half Marathon?? 


With 2 new PR's in December (5k recap here and half marathon recap here), I figured there's nowhere else to go, so I should just quit running while I'm high, right?

I took the last 2 weeks pretty much off. I was expecting to feel a bit sore and achy, but man alive, the first few days were rough. I did zero running until 6 days out, and finally felt pretty good then. I got SUPER motivated to hit 100 miles in December, and calculated that I would need, like, 36 miles in the next 9 days to do it.

Last week, I ran a few more times, and did a couple days of cross training. I did not come ANYWHERE close to 36 miles, and... that's a-okay by me. Running double pr's was hard, man.

I spent a lot of time baking things....
this was sticky bun test, take 2: Browned butter variation. This was a success!

and skyping with family in Florida...
#2 taking pictures of cousins = hilarious
Losing teeth ewwww

And some one-on-one time with each of these hoodlums.
she's so cute sometimes.

The H had to work on Christmas, so it was a really low-key affair around here, and I kind of liked that. I'm not a huge fan of big deals.

I have a few for-fun races coming up this winter/spring... starting with Tink in 3 weeks with Becka, then the Renegade Coaster Run at Knott's in March! I may throw in a sprint tri in February, but I'm not sure yet (PS, for either of those you can register using HEATHERDISCOUNT for 10% off).

I'm - still - on the hunt for a marathon. My travel budget is limited, we have some summer plans that are eating away my racecation budget this year - and none of the local races really speak to me. We'll see. I'd like to PR, but I want the right race. I'm weird. I also would kind of like to race another 5k and another half. Because I'm a glutton for punishment.

#1's track season is starting up already (they started practice immediately following CIF Finals, crazy), and our spring Saturday's are pretty booked. HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS ARE SO SO SO SO TIME CONSUMING, you guys. I can only hope that #2 joins the same sports so we can be efficient with our time.  (I am kidding. Kind of.).

In job news.... I'm still enjoying my funemployment, but I'm ready to get some stuff going. I've got some vague ideas swirling around, but they're like pieces to a puzzle that I'm kind of struggling to fit together.

A friend of mine posted this the other day.

Building the new.


  1. Track season is starting during basketball season? Blasphemy!

    And, that roller coaster run looks like fun. I wish I lived near Knotts Berry Farm.

  2. That is great that you PR'd both the December races. That is a great way to end the year alright.

  3. Not running that race but running a half that day : Citrus Hearitage for my 45th bday on the 11!

  4. That's a brilliant plan! Wanna run a race soon? ;) I see more PR's on the horizon in February!

  5. i need those sticky buns. you have my address. :) hoping the perfect job comes your way this year. and, if you want to come to kansas and run the garmin race, me and kim are going and the hotel is free (perks of traveling for work).

  6. If you do the CIM again you can stay with me, I'll be a Sacramento local by then.

  7. I think this might be the best blog title ever. Especially since I know you are JUST KIDDING because you pinky promised to run another marathon with me :D


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