Monday, October 7, 2013

Half Training Week 2 - PFTW

Last week...

Monday - easy 2
Run/Walk with #2. We did an easy 2:1 run/walk ratio, trying to teach her to paaace herself. She's a great sprinter, but then blows up early. She had a lot of smack to talk during the early intervals. By the last one, she was begging to walk. HAHAHAHA.

Tuesday - easy 5
Nothing exciting. Easy 5 miles with random strides.

Wednesday - cross training
Tank Top Arms, core, vinyasa flow yoga.

Thursday - long run
Weather was cool and overcast - easy 8 miles outside, steady pace with slight negative splits.

Friday - cross training
Repeat of Wednesday.

Saturday - rest
Spent the day out with the family.

Sunday - speeeeed
3x1600. Gross. Goal pace was 8:45-9, actual was 9:02, 8:56, 8:49. Challenging, but not the worst ever.

Total: 21 miles.

21 miles seems to be my happy spot - I feel fine, nothing feels like it needs extra recovery, all of the runs were manageable, I'm not dying of runger. So far, the Jerk Shin has behaved nicely, but I'm assuming it will resume its jerkiness as I add miles.

Someone asked last week about what training plan I'm using - I built my own based partially on the Train Like a Mother book, and Run Less, Run Faster. I don't like running 5 times a week, like TLAM suggests, but I'm willing to give it a shot to see how it works as the weeks progress. If they're easy miles, it could be fine - especially since I have plenty of free time. BUT, I have supplemented my fall/winter schedule with a few shorter distance races, so I've pulled some of the speed workouts from RLRF to keep building speed - I just can't do the All Speed, All The Time RLRF program, it doesn't work for my janky legs. Eh. We'll see how it goes. The nice thing about making your own isht up, is you can change whatever you feel like changing.

This week, #1 races on Thursday instead of Saturday, so I may move things around. Or not. I don't know. OH, and also, Tuesday is OC Run Club night, so that may be shifting things around, too. I'll figure it out as I go, I guess....

Monday: easy 2-3 miles, XT
Tuesday: tempo (ick), 5 miles
Wednesday: XT
Thursday: 6 miles, easy
Friday: XT
Saturday: Long - 10 miles
Sunday: rest


On Saturday, we headed up to Yucaipa for the Yucaipa Cross Country Invitational.

The course has one "nice hill" at the end of the first mile....

which #1 used to pass everyone. She started up the hill in 6th or 7th, from what we could see. She crested in 2nd.

Making her move (can you find her?)

I guess this is what it looks like to be FAST? I don't know, it hardly looks like she's working hard.

She was able to maintain that lead, and finished in 2nd place in the freshman/sophomore Gold division race.

It's so ugly where we live. Dumb hills and mountains.


  1. She looks like she is leaping. Seriously, even if I was crossing a river I don't think my stride is that long. Wow.

  2. Do her feet ever touch the ground? Seriously, she is amazingly fast! Congrats to her on her finish!

  3. When I grow up can I be her? I need to channel some of that inner billy goat! You must be one proud mama!

  4. Love the last photo! Nice job #1!


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