Monday, October 21, 2013

Half Training, week 4 - PFTW

Last week....
Monday: Cross training
Core and arms. I let myself stop doing the glutes/thigh video, and THAT WAS DUMB. It's going to be the worst ever when I start doing it again.

Tuesday: 4 easy
Nothing interesting. Ran 4 outside, easy pace, with negative splits (not on purpose, it just happened that way). 10:13 avg.

Wednesday: XT
Core, arms, yoga. I also (re)started the 100 pushups program - day one completed.

Thursday: 6 miles, speedyish
1 mile warm up, 4 at race pace, 1 cool. Hit goal pace just fine. Thought I had an achy hip, but since it didn't bother me when I started running, and didn't bother me after, maybe my brain was faking?

Friday: XT
Arms, and day 2 of 100 pushups.

Saturday: Rest
XC spectating, which consisted of an easy hike and some sprinting around the course to watch #1 race.

Sunday: Long!
13 easy miles - 12 easy pace, last mile at race pace. No problems, avg pace 10:26. Caught up on Master Chef and some of Million Dollar Listing. I love Bravo - it's the only thing I miss about not having cable!

Total: 23 miles

I think I've finally worn out my last pair of originally PureFlows. I'm so, so, so sad.

Next week.....
Monday: XT
Tuesday: 3-4 easy
Wednesday: Long - 14 with 5@race pace
Thursday: rest
Friday: 6 mi, XT
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 5 Tempo

On Saturday, #1 ran the OC Champs Invitational. For her first varsity experience, her team ran the sweepstakes race. Did you know sweepstakes mean "super duper fast"? Surprise!

She finished in 20:03 - her second fastest time yet. Her PR is from a month ago, on a flat course, in cool weather. This was a hilly course on a warm day.

It was an interesting experience - moving from the freshman/sophomore races up to a varsity sweepstakes race means that her previously impressive placing was no longer... well, it was just not great in the field she raced against. It was - for her - a great race individually. It's a much more strategic race when those kids are involved - so it'll be fun to see how she picks up on this, if she takes the coaching from her teammates, and what she does with it.

We had to be at the park so, so early (6:15, what!).... the moon was up, but the sun wasn't..

We spent a few hours hiking around...

this is the hill in mile 1 that they had to run up. NO THANKS.

then playing on the playground by the start line. Personal request to OC XC planners - all start lines should be playground adjacent.


  1. She is just SO fast, I can't imagine being that fast.

  2. The landscape looks beautiful to me, you're probably use to it!
    I've never been to CA.
    I've sort of....dropped off as far as running/gym time goes so this is a bit inspiring to me, perhaps I'll move around today.

  3. How does the 100 pushup plan work? Is it as simple as it sounds?

  4. I do NOT think I will join you in the 100 push up challenge.

    It's been two weeks since I did the glut video. I will die dead when I try to do it again :(

  5. I want her speed!!!! and damn, all the posts in a row remind me to get my A in gear and get back on track. pilates 1-2 days a week isn't going to cut it. back to the weights. 100 push ups sounds like a good plan...

    also, i feel like we've discussed this...shoe size? I have a pair of old pure flows 9.5 with less than 100 miles on them. They are scuffed because I fell in them but otherwise fine. If this is your size, send me your addy.

  6. I just discovered yuor blog. I look forward to reading more about your running adventures!

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