Sunday, October 13, 2013

Half training, week 3 - PFTW

First, Becka ran ONE HUNDRED MILES this weekend.


That's CRAZY. I can't wait for the recap.

Last week....

Monday: XT
Tank Top Arms, Core

Tuesday: Arms?
Ages ago, the passenger window in my van stopped working. I would always say that it wasn't that big of a deal (until it was really hot in the summer and I wished I could roll it down, because -ahem- the AC also doesn't work), because at least it was UP and not down.

And then, about a month ago, it ROLLED DOWN, all by itself. And wouldn't go back up.

So for a few weeks, it was fine, because our weather is nice, and since I'm not commuting, I don't drive too often.

But then there was finally rain in our forecast last week, so.... we googled the problem, purchased a part (a new motor for the windows), and did this...

And now it works, and I fixed it just in time to NOT soak the inside of my van. It was fairly easy - definitely easy enough that I feel dumb for waiting so long to do it :D. Anyway, my arms were EXHAUSTED after doing this, so I called it cross training, lol.

Wednesday: Tempo
5 miles, 3 at tempo. Goal pace was 9:25-9:11, actual 9:12, 9:22, 8:54. It felt hard, but only REALLY hard the last 400m or so. Overall pace 9:39.

Thursday: XT
Arms, core, and yoga. #1 had an after-school race - her first league meet of the season. It was a tough course, pretty hilly, and she has been struggling to kick a nasty cold. AND YET, she finished 4th place in the freshman/sophomore race, first for her school, at 20:08. Super powers, maybe?

While I certainly enjoy watching the races, these events are draining - they last FOREVER. FOREVER. This one was not so bad, because there were only 6 races I think, but they were 30 minutes apart, so it just goes on and on. At least it was pretty?

It's FALL. See?

Friday: Rest!
It was Gab's birthday, so I spent hours making a BRIGHT-ASS purple cake with neon pink frosting. I have no idea what came over me, but it was ridiculous.

Saturday: Easy
6 miles strides - did this one on the treadmill, and ran fast-ish pace during commercials. Overall pace 9:55.

Sunday: Long
10 miles - I ran a local route, with the first half on some hilly trails, and second half on roads (well, sidewalks). H came with me, and we had a lovely run. AND, it was faaaast (for me!). Average pace was 10:13 - the last time we did this route, my average pace was 10:54. What.

Total: 21 miles

So, I'm intrigued that I really am not running a ton of mileage, but I'm getting some pretty drastic improvements in pace over the last month or so. Maybe there really is something to blah blah strength training...

Next week.....

Monday: XT
Tuesday: Easy 4
Wednesday: Long (13)
Thursday: XT
Friday: 6 with 4 at race pace
Saturday: XT? Easy run? #1 has a race, lord knows how long that will take me out....
Sunday: Rest!


  1. Sounds like you're giving your body time to rest and recover and killing it. That or someone put something in your water to make you and #1 go crazy fast!

  2. Wait? No picture of the purple cake.

    You are amazing, fixing your own car window like that. I would never have even attempted it.

    I think cooler temps in fall = speed, feeling better, etc. You do have cooler temps in SoCal too, ever, right?

  3. It's true!! I *did* run 100 miles :D

    I am really impressed with those window repair thing you did. And the cake. And #1. And how fast you are.


  4. Wow! Congrats to Becka. Awesome!And I wish I had some of your motivation Heather. So far my upper body is still mush.

  5. doubling up in order to eliminate blowing up your email :)
    1. your kiddo is speedy!! love that you are teaching her the ways of pacing
    2. impressed with your commitment to strength. i've kind of fallen off with all of my traveling and vowing to get back to it. thanks for the motivation!


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