Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

1. Something that I should mention, related to yesterday's post, is that the point of the blog post, as I read it, is that Matt Walsh is a jerkface. One thing that I don't need is a guy running his yapper in defense of my choices.

For realsies, though, I don't begrudge anyone else their decision to stay at home or work - I am okay at playing this game with school-age kids, but I would have LOST my mind with smaller kids. The good thing about this gig, though, is I really like cooking and baking and I get to do a lot of that? It's just not as simple as he says, that having a mom at home is the best, the end. I wish people would acknowledge that more often, and spend less time selling the SAHM bill.

2. The lack of doing any real stuff is why I haven't been blogging much. There's just not much to say, when I'm not scrambling around to fit in all of the mom stuff around work, and when I have no work stuff to complain about.

3. I've got the Marathon Itch. FINALLY! I've been hesitant to get too ambitious and register for anything when I'm juuuuuuust finding my running groove again, but now I am antsy to start 18 and 20 mile weekends again.

28 Reasons Why Training for a Marathon is the Worst Thing Ever.

Except that you are ravenous all the time so you’re not actually getting in shape. Yep.

4. #1 is running with Varsity for the first time this weekend! She's been sick the last few races - last weekend, she was not too far off of her PR, so I'm excited to see how she performs this weekend.

5. Unrelated to anything, THIS WOMAN GAVE BIRTH 88 DAYS AGO.

WTF, Kate.


  1. Congrats to #1 on her first Varsity start. Boom!

    I want the abs of a woman with an 88 day old baby. Desperately.

  2. not fair Kate, not fair. clearly she wants to know what's your excuse too.

    Congrats to #1 on getting to start on varisty.. pure awesome! Good luck with your marathon training plans!

  3. (2 in one again) another friend wrote a similar post-but she's a working mom with a newborn. i think, if I ever have kids, i will work. but, quite frankly, his article was crap. stay at home, don't, etc. either way-a mom is a mom. I would love to come home to all of your baking though...lucky kids. And seriously, how does Kate look like that? Obv personal trainer and someone else cooking her meals and a nanny, right??! I would look like that too....


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