Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That was... falling with style! (and future race plans)

Hold on to your hats.

I did yoga last night.

I fell, a lot, because I suck at balancing (why can't I balance?!), but otherwise, it was 45 minutes of silly, stretchy, muscley shakey goodness.

Silly, because Gabby and her BFF joined me in the living room, while I did a couple YogaDownload programs.

I've been doing (well, by been doing, I mean, have done in the past, and should do more frequently) the Yoga for Runners, this 10 minute hip opening flow, and sometimes the 25 minute restorative yoga. They have a ton of others that I haven't tried - I liked these, so I've stuck with them.

I always forget how much I loooooove doing yoga. It takes such a small amount of time, to feel so great. How do I bottle that up and keep it for the days I feel extra lazy?....

I also spent some time digging into my calves with a tennis ball, and  (un)shockingly, my legs feel a bazillion times better today than they did after Sunday's terrible ten.

Lesson: Sometimes, laziness does not pay off.


I finally got around to hanging up my medals from #runalltheDisneyraces January....

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Are we instagram friends? hmgiraffy

I'm considering my next medal hanger purchase, and leaning towards a dedicated Disney hanger? Is that weird and/or crazy?? Who am I kidding, I don't care if it is.

In other race news, I've updated my Come Run With Me! page up there ^^.

So far, this spring I've got a local 5k in March, Eugene Marathon in April, PCRF the following weekend, the local 5k with all the delicious food June 1st, San Francisco something June 16, and Dumbo Double Dare Aug 31/Sep 1.

Things I'm contemplating:
  • Full or half at SFM? I originally wanted to do the 1st half this year, to start the Half it All Challenge (and Club 52!), but I just really loved the full course!!
  • I really wanted to do Shadow of the Giants, but the timing just won't work for me this year. Because I'm committed to San Francisco Marathon (being an Ambassador!), the date change June (don't worry, it will be back to it's regularly scheduled July date for 2014!) makes Shadow of the Giants a tough scheduling break. So, I'm in the market for a 50k. Dun dun DUN.
  • Harding Hustle is at the right time, but it could be blazing hot, and I'm not a huge fan of blazing hot.
  • Mammoth Half Marathon is inaugural this year, and the course looks stunning. Plus, it's the weekend the kids get out of school, so we'd be able to make this a trip, and I've been dying to head back to Yosemite....
  • I'm not really digging the idea of running IMS Arizona, so I'm 96% sure I'm DNS'ing. Womp, womp.

So that's the schedule. I feel like it's pretty light, but I'm having a harder time picking races this year. I'm so indecisive!

Any tips on a 50k, preferably in SoCal, perferably in late May/June time frame??


  1. Any post with a Toy Story quote in the title is instantly my favorite. :) Go for the Disney hanger. Then you have an excuse to fill it! :)

  2. LOVE Toy Story quotes and I love all your great medals. I may have a little medal envy!

  3. You NEED the Disney hanger already!

  4. You NEED the Disney hanger already!

  5. Ummm...of course you have to have a Disney dedicated hanger!!!!

  6. you're quite the race running rockstar. i have major envy right now. :) love the medals! i miss yoga- not doing any right now bc of hip issue.

  7. DNS'ing IMS? I was considering just going on there and running it kind of short notice...


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