Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pity, party of One?

I know, it's a little weird that I'm leaving for THE HAPPIEST RACE ON EARTH in 48 hours and I haven't blogged one bit about how out of my mind excited I am.

I really am out of my mind excited, really and truly.

But I'm a sick sick sicko. And it's a big, big bummer. I've been kind of out since Wednesday, and haven't run since I bailed mid-way through lame-o crappy run on Tuesday (I'm no longer wondering why that run was so crappy).

That's Tuesday OF LAST WEEK. It's officially a week PLUS since I've run.

I really know how to taper. I'm a pro, yo.

So I've been lazing around, taking it easy, hydrating, etc. I went to work Monday, but it sucked, so I didn't go yestereday. I took a long walk, hoping that would pep me up, but it sucked and made me EXHAUSTED.

I took some medicine, which alternately made me groggy and feeling pukey and FAMISHED (weirdest combination of side effects EVER), but it DID stop the pounding headache and incredible stuffy-headed feeling, so that was nice.

Hopefully, things are looking up, and I think I feel a bit better today, but man, so exhausted.

I guess it's really tiring laying around watching Law and Order on Netflix all day, for days and days and days.

So, I'm really excited, I leave Friday morning, and I can't wait to see Becka and L and Dee and my favorite places in the world and spending Sunday and Monday with my parents.

If I can manage to stay awake for all of the excitement, that is.


Also, I hope my body hasn't forgotten how to run. It won't, right?



  1. Good luck! I hope you feel better for it!

  2. Good luck and have a great time! It is on my bucket list!

  3. Feel better soon! That bug got me too. It's lingering and makes working out hard. Good luck!

  4. You won't forget, turkey. This is just setting the stage for your awesome come back run!

    See you soon!!

  5. Well, isht, yo! Get better, right this minute.

  6. I really do feel you. I was DOWN with the flu for a week. I came down with it on New Year's Eve and am just now getting back to normal.

  7. Have a good time and I hope you will be much better before race day

  8. I hope you feel better soon and have a great race this weekend!

  9. slightly jealous i am not there this year. hate that you are sick-i'm in the same boat and have done nothing for my race this weekend. oh well. can't wait to see yalls costumes and read about the race! goofy was still a fav-even though it was hard!

  10. I hope you feel better pronto. Have you had pho? That usually cures most bad things for us.


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