Monday, January 28, 2013

"Running sucks, man." PFTW

So, CLEARLY, taking almost a full month off of any training (unless I'm training for the "eat everything" contest) is not ideal. I assumed, foolishly, that I would probably lose a little speed, but by running 2 halfs and a full marathon within 8 days, I would retain some endurance.

That is an incorrect assumption, as it turns out. SURPRISE.

Last week:
Tuesday: 3 very, very bad miles on the treadmill*
Thursday: 6 not TERRIBLE miles with Angry Julie.
Sunday: 10 terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, SLOW miles.**

*The only reason I even managed to eek out THREE miles, is because I was busy irritating a girl in the gym, when I would not succumb to her evil eye-ing me and stalking back and forth across the room. She was on the treadmill when I got there, walking leisurely (like, under 2mph) IN SANDALS, but then stood behind the stupid bike until I got off. After I got on the treadmill, she did the creepy eyeballing thing. I don't know if she had treadmill-evacuation-regret, or what, but I wasn't budging. Thanks, weirdo, for pushing me to three miles?

**This was so so so awful. SO AWFUL. My splits were consistent - 11:21, 11:19, 10:45, 11:37, 11:05, 11:12, 11:32, 11:28, 10:42, 10:22 - but it sucked. The only reason the last two are decent, is they were DOWNHILL. That was the best I could do. LAME.

I also did zero cross training last week. Why, me. Why. :(

I joke a lot about being lazy, but man. Now I'm remembering why lazy is a bad idea. UGH.

Plan for this week....
Monday: Yoga.
Tuesday: hopefully (ha) I can eek out a tempo run. But 6 miles, either way.
Wednesday: Yoga/cross training
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 14 easy

In addition to being slow, my legs are tired and cranky and TIGHT feeling. I am assuming this is the result of 1. not running or doing ANYTHING for weeks, and 2. not doing anything for recovery between races.

I'm hoping some easy yoga and maybe some hiking will be the cure?

Otherwise, I might amputate and try my luck with that.

Woe is me.

Anyway, the trail is looking green and... like it's got a river? {It's called the San Diego Creek trail, but really, it just happened to be raining all week, so there's some water in there now}. I AM lucky to have access to this trail right outside my door. I should really take advantage of that more often.

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Crows. Bad omen, man. As seen at mile 9.

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Lest I be all doom and gloom....

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Here's to this week sucking less, I guess.


  1. I took last week off of everything. Ran 5 miles this morning and refused to wear my Garmin, because I didn't want to know how slow I went. Get back on that horse, somehow.

  2. Great job getting out on those runs, despite them being horrible! And of course, irritating others is also a strong motivation for myself as well. Did that girl get back on the treadmill after you left?

  3. Yes, it can only go up, right? Get your butt out there and be happy you aren't on the E. Coast where the temps are in the teens in the morning! ; )

  4. Stick with the plan, you won't regret it. Although all that rest time was probably needed after 2 halfs and a full. You will be back soon!

  5. Stick with the plan, you won't regret it. Although all that rest time was probably needed after 2 halfs and a full. You will be back soon!

  6. The horrible runs make you stronger? Or something? Here's hoping this week's runs are better!


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