Monday, June 18, 2012

Wet n' Wild 5k Recap

Last week:
Wednesday: 3 miles, MGP
Saturday: Wet n' Wild 5K, 3.1 mile walk/sometimes run
Sunday: 5 miles easy pace, 1 mile walk

I take my taper super, super serious. I'm all about recovery time.

This week:
Tuesday: 5 miles, MGP
Thursday: 4 miles
Saturday: 26.2 miles, hopefully at MGP.


Wet n' Wild 5k is a local race benefiting Strong Tower Ministries, a non-profit organization helping feed, cloth, educate, and rescue destitute children living locally in Orange County and Baja California, Mexico.

Last year, the race was held in August, started at 8am, and in Irvine. I ran it (recap here) and wasn't super stoked about it, except for the part where I met Rose. The course was ugly and boring and weird and it was a billion hundred degrees.

So I wasn't planning on running again this year, until Margot forwarded a Schwaggle for $15! Dude, for $15, I'll run almost anything. DONE.

Super long, dumb story short, I didn't ACTUALLY register with the Schwaggle, and had to register last minute, and paid $20 more than I wanted to.


This year, the race was moved to Knott's Berry Farm and Knott's Soak City, with a 7:30 start.

Shannon and I carpooled, and quickly found Madison, then headed over to packet pick up. Julie, her friend, and her brother found us shortly after.

It was kind of chaos. The signs were fine, the volunteers were nice. But they ran out of twisty tie things for the timing chips, and safety pins for the bibs. Odd. Also, without anyone being able to pin bibs on, I'm kind of annoyed that I legit registered...

You can tell we race, though, because extra safety pins were located. Crisis averted.
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There was also only one bathroom - and we were just getting in line for it when they started the race. oops.

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Oh, how quaint. Pace groups.

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The course runs through Knott's Berry Farm, through Soak City, and then through 1/3 mile of the lazy river.
We leisurely started the race...
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We were a little ridiculous.
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Ridiculously cute.

.And fun.

We even ran a little.

It was a really, really hard race.
I was a little sad we hadn't thought of this first. But next time....
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Then the lazy river.
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It was COLD. Also, it was much shallower than last year - like, below waist deep, instead of chest deep - which made it actually NOT EASY. I have a newfound respect for anyone that does water aerobics. Holy cow.

Official time, 56:13.

Most of these pictures were stolen from Madison, and her recap is fantastic. Check it out HERE.


  1. That looks like an awesome event!

  2. That looks AWESOME!

    Hopefully next year I won't have a conflict.

  3. Oh my word that looked like fun! I wanted to do it with my son but ended up being out of town. Darn weddings.... ;) And I wish I had seen that Schwaggle because I had been doing with the Mojave Narrows Half- because I'm clearly crazy.

  4. I was >< to signing up for this race, but decided on the villa park run this year. I must do this one next year. I didn't know you did a lazy river run. wacky! Thanks for the review!


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