Monday, June 11, 2012

I feel like writing about running...

almost as much as I feel like *actually* running.

Which is, practically not at all.

I ran a whopping 21 miles last week. I skipped my Thursday 9. I bailed on half of my 16-20 (well, roughly half - I made it through 11.5ish crappy miles). I skipped my Sunday recovery run.


12 days. I suppose I'll survive.

PFTW, which is kind of laughable, because... I laughed at it.
Monday: rest (<- this is my specialty)
Tuesday: 10x400, 8 miles total
Wednesda: Yoga? Maybe?
Thursday: 7 easy
Saturday: 11, last 2 at MGP
Sunday: 3

I did rope a new running friend into my Saturday run, and we got to hit some trails, which I... pretty much walked, because I'm a loser. Who does that, invites people to run, and then... doesn't run? Me. That's who.

Annoying, because the miles kind of flew by (ironic, since my pace was BS). And the conversation was good. And the company was great. I just felt like isht, the whole time. Lame.

Sorry, K!

Saturday, we attended OC Barbeque Fest - a barbeque competition benefiting Kristie's Foundation. Kristie's Foundation is a local organization that provides support and assistance to families of critically-ill children.

We've gone to several Kristie's Foundation events, but there's not a whole lot that I love more than food.
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Smoke mac and cheese with bacon?? Delicious.
There's also a great (free!) kids zone, with face painting, tattooing, video game truck, cupcake making, petting zoo... tons of things.

Giant velcro wall.... Duh.
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This might be my most favorite picture EVER.
Misc photo dump...
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Guitar + bike riding. Fascinating.

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About 3 seconds before that poor tiny rooster got manhandled. Sorry, rooster. Also, why is that white thing all poodled out? Is it a chicken?? No idea.

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THIS one is about 3 seconds before Gabby tells Mr. Snork that her dad could put this together better than he can...

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You know what's super NOT awesome? Hiding your progress report because you decided to stop doing ALL work in the third trimester. What a long, un-fun summer she's about to have.


  1. Gab is just the cutest. Love the pic with the cupcake!

    You still got a lot of mileage in! Way to go in that regard. And hey, trails are hard. Harder than regular running. I give you credit for even going.

    I would really like a Barbeque fest here. And maybe some mac and cheese with bacon, which is the candy of meats. BACON! So jealous.

    12 more days, holy balls.

  2. Gab how cute!
    Your oldest man I was like that when I was kid and I paid dearly for it!!

    Good luck this weekend!

  3. I love your photos. Hopefully your running mojo will return soon.

  4. You know you are a full marathoner when...a 21 mile week is a disappointment.

    Can't. wait. to meet you in Seattle!

  5. Guitar bike riding seems as dangerous as driving while texting.


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