Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. My friend Becka is in Greece for her FIRST full marathon, and she's going to be so awesome :). I'm so proud of her!

2. How is running going?! Well... Today is NOT REST DAY, which means I'm running tonight. And, I'm a little psyched about it! I think I'm broken. Or, at least, coming around ;). I did 2.5 miles Tuesday, and thought I might die, which seems to be a recurring theme. Hopefully that settles down tonight.

3. This conversation between the H and I actually happened last night:
Me: So I'm looking at flights... I can fly red-eye out on Friday, and back Monday morning?
H: Fly where?
Me: For the Disney Princess Half?
H: Oh. That's not here? I thought it was at Disneyland.


Apparently, I wasn't super clear about how super, super psyched I am to get this training DOWN and hit the Princess Half. You know. The one in FLORIDA.

and... I know it's 3 things, but here's number...
4. The arrangement I made with H and myself.
a. If I do the Turkey Trot 5K without walking, under 34 minutes, I get the pink argyle hotness from Running Skirts.
b. If I do the Make Room for Santa 10K without walking, under 1:15, I can register for the Princess Half.

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  1. How can I NOT follow a blog called 365 Days of Awesome??


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