Thursday, October 21, 2010

Running outside, take 1

One word.


I made the (apparently fatal) mistake of trying to keep up with The H.

The H who runs significantly faster than me.


I'll be revisiting my bff the treadmill tomorrow.


  1. OK, revisit your BFF for now, but ya gotta get outside. I miss running outside with a passion. You need that road resistance to get you in gear for those races you planned in the previous post.

    Any running groups in your area that you can join, since Snork is all sickly/laid up? :lol:

  2. Lol @ sickly/laid up.

    I'm looking at joining TNT, but am unsure how I feel about the fundraising aspect.

    I've got "stalk meet-up running groups" on my to-do list.

    I am fairly certain that not knowing how to pace myself o's was my downfall. Maybe I just need to try sans H.


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